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Empire Zoysia Turf Review – The All Rounder

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Empire Zoysia prior to cut.

When it comes to your home lawn, many of us are really only interested in one thing… Is it green!? The long and the short of it is, all “turf” is green when applied and cared for correctly. Now obviously there will be situations where some turf species survive better than others and the turf species you choose may need to cope with anomalies such as high wear, extreme temperatures, frosts or drought to name a few. But the main determining factor when choosing the turf species that’s right for you, especially in SEQ is shade tolerance.

Unfortunately at this stage, no one turf fits perfectly into both categories. Shade tolerant turfs, although generally hardy and will survive tend to struggle in extreme sun and the sun lovers can’t handle the shade. This poses a problem for most home owners as the average family block is often subjected to both extremes. Areas around the house or under trees, where little sunlight reaches and areas unprotected where the scorching sun bares down for the best part of the day.

So the choice is made and a turf is selected with the dominating condition being the overriding decision maker. In steps Empire Zoysia… Empire Zoysia has been around a while now and it is slowly becoming the choice turf for homeowner and industry professionals alike. Empire Zoysia is somewhat a hybrid; a turf with an identity problem! It’s not a broad buffalo, yet not quite a couch grass, rather somewhere in-between.

Well what’s so special about this hybrid turf? Empire Zoysia is a thick, luscious turf grass that thrives in full sun. With a fine couch like appearance. This gives Empire Zoysia an exceptionally soft leaf that tolerates extreme wear where a couch grass would usually fall down. On top of that, Empire Zoysia has been shown to have much better shade tolerance than couch and can even hold its own against many of the buffalos on the market. Even more desirable is the fact that it requires less mowing than any other commercially grown lawn in Australia and is easily the MOST drought tolerant turf around. Add to this Empire Zoysia’s naturally occurring ability to fight weeds and out compete buffalo and its lawn grub resistance, there isn’t a more complete turf available in Australia!

So, with all the shade tolerant benefits of a Buffalo, the fine soft leaf texture of a couch and with weed, pest and drought tolerant capabilities second to none, Empire Zoysia is a True All Rounder and should be playing for the Aussies in the Ashes!

We love it and are sure you will too! Check out the full product details below. Or if you’re ready to order head to our online ordering page here.

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