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DIY Fish Pond Ideas

A pond makes a wonderful addition to any garden, as it provides a peaceful focal point for all to enjoy. If you’re thinking about building a fish pond, you might be unaware of all the different pond options available, and if you have the level of expertise to build them. Luckily, there are plenty of pond options that don’t require a lot of handyman know how – though we’ve included a couple that do if you feel up to the challenge. Take a look at our handy guide below for some ‘DIY fish pond ideas’ you should be able to knock out in a weekend.

Building a fish pond

What sort of pond would you like to build?

 When it comes to building a fish pond, you’ll be spoilt for choice! A wildlife pond is one of the easiest ones to construct and maintain, as it doesn’t involve installing a pump. Wildlife ponds operate as their own little eco system and require little to no maintenance – simply watch as butterflies, birds and the odd frog visit for a drink or a bath. The set up is also less intensive than a DIY fish pond, as it doesn’t require pond liners or tricky landscaping. However, though it requires a little more effort, fish ponds offer unrivalled beauty and make a wonderful addition to a garden. Whether it’s a standard DIY fish pond or koi pond, extra care will need to taken to maintain a healthy environment for your finned friends. This includes installing a water pump, conducting regular water testing, and ensuring not too many algae builds up.

Other ponds you might like to build include a swimming pond (you’ll need an excavator for this one) or a bowl pond, which requires no digging at all.

What are some DIY fish pond ideas you can do over a weekend?

If you’d like to add a pond to your garden, you don’t necessarily have to do go the traditional route of a hole in the ground. In fact, there are plenty of pond options available, with some that can be completed in just a matter of hours. We take a look at simple DIY pond ideas, as well as some that will take a little more landscaping ability.

Repurposed tank garden pond

Of all the DIY fish pond ideas, this one is undoubtedly one of the easier options as most of the hard work will be transporting the container. However, once it’s in your yard, you’ll simply need to dig a circular sized hole to accommodate it, before sliding it in. Your pond can then be filled with water, add some plants and rocks and voila! You have the perfect above ground pond!

 Tutorial: Penick

 Bubble pond

A bubble pond is a wonderful water feature that doesn’t take up too much space. Confined to a pot, a bubble pond involves installing a water pump system, some vinyl tubing, decorative pebbles, and little bit of patience.

Tutorial: Scatteredthoughtsofacraftymum

Pond with a deck

For a more refined look, considering building a small deck for your pond. This can be done using any leftover timber you’ve got lying around, by purchasing decking timber. A deck pond can be any size, layout, or depth you’d like, though it’s advised you go at least 3ft deep if you plan on having fish in there. if you have children, or children visit frequently, it’s recommended you install a gate around your pond, as a deck can make it hard to see.

Tutorial: Familyhandyman

Preformed fish pond

Don’t have time to do all the necessary underlying needed to create a pond? A preformed pond is a great alternative, as you’ll only have to dig out a spot in your yard or place the pond inside a high wall – complete with some surrounding dirt or gravel and rocks and boulders.

Tutorial: Learningasigotips

Landscaping supplies Brisbane

We hope you’ve enjoyed our blog on ‘DIY fish pond ideas.’ If you’re thinking about building a fish pond, why not take a look at our range of landscaping supplies available? We stock a range of pebbles, gravel, rocks, plants, and pots that are perfect for a DIY fish pond. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need some advice, call us on (07) 3373 4999 to talk to one of our landscaping experts today.

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