Introducing Centenary Landscaping Supplies

Today, Centenary Landscaping Supplies is headed by our eldest son, Conor O’Shea as CEO with help from a new, young and enthusiastic management team. The management team gives leadership to seven departments including Management, Dispatch, Administration, Marketing, Sales, Commercial, and the Yard & Driving Teams. We operate under a fairly formal but flat structure based on the philosophies of Michael Gerber with new inclusive ‘functional teams approach’ but with a very family owned orientation. The functional teams were introduced by Conor with the help of consultants. This move has dramatically changed the culture to a totally inclusive one that recognises the contribution of all team members through their team leaders.

Our engineering consultants have recently closed their longest open file of over twenty years with the completion of a massive renovation at our three hectare site in Darra 4076. For your convenience we think we offer you the best landscape yard in Australia where you can…

  • Walk around over 90 bulk bays of materials in your high heels (the tradies don’t of course as far as I know) on clean concrete (no more dust, mud and slush).
  • Visit many displays including, pavers, retaining walls, gardens, pots of all kinds and a unique ‘mini turf farm’ of eight turf varieties.
  • Select plants from our current small nursery.
  • Get advice and buy hardware in air-conditioned comfort.
  • Have your deliveries On-Time in clean trucks with helpful drivers.
  • Have your trailer or Ute loaded by helpful and attentive Yard staff.

It’s called landscape heaven and we think you’ll agree!

Service, Quality & Reliability…

Our History

Denise and I purchased Centenary Landscaping Supplies with our last penny in 1985 with its small team of three and a half (the half started at 7am and was gone by 10am) and three trucks (one new and two very old). We now have over fifty people on the team. The yard occupied about 1/2 an acre while today it covers some three hectares (71/2 acres) here in Darra. It may surprise some to know that the yard was started by the Hawkins family some 18 years earlier when the Centenary Shopping Centre was first built. I was one of their first loyal customers when working as a cosmetic sales rep in the early 70′s and again as a teacher in the late 70′s before I got out of teaching and decided to invest our last penny in this good little business. None of our friends thought so at the time but are now delighted we did not go broke.

At the end of each month Denise, the book keeper, would add up what was owed suppliers as I laid down exhausted after working a 12 hour day in the heat and dust, (yes I did for those who see me now) when she’d inform me that there was only $3760 in the bank while owing a great deal more to our suppliers. We were “broke” and finished! NOT SO as it turned out, because these were the days when “tradies” paid their account at the end of the month on time and the weekend generated enough extra cash to pay the bills almost on time.

Despite our lack of knowledge about cash flow and budget projections, (still not sure) we somehow managed to hang on to grow the business to the enterprise it is today, with over fifty team members working in three associated companies in the Centenary Group. Sounds flash and I guess it really is. It’s now estimated that over three hundred and sixty people directly or indirectly depend upon the viability of our growing enterprise… a responsibility they don’t take lightly.

Currently, the company occupies over seven acres, making it the largest single operation of its type in Queensland. Centenary Landscaping Supplies have also just completed huge renovations that make your visit more rewarding, as the yard is now cleaner, and better organised with a new air-conditioned Hardware Shop, Nursery and Customer Service Centre incorporating amazing displays. I invite you to drop in to see for yourself and be surprised!

Happy gardening

Terry O’Shea

Terry and Denise O'Shea

Our Team

Meet the CEO

Conor O'Shea
Conor O'SheaCEO

Conor O’Shea is the CEO of Centenary Landscaping Supplies while managing Centenary Truckers and Centenary Outlet. Conor is responsible for Strategic Planning, Sales Management, and System Implementation. He also leads product development and innovation to insure the highest value services and offerings are available through the Centenary Group.

Before being named as CEO of Centenary Landscaping Supplies in June 2014, Conor went from Business Development Manager to Sales Manager where he was responsible for internal sales with the objective of improving systems, business intelligence, information technology, staff training and team building.

Conor has worked in most roles within the company which began at the age of 14, serving as yard hand filling bags on weekends. He went on to serve for two or more years as a Yardmen, Driver and Sales person while he studied Sound Engineering, Visual Art and gained valuable sales experience working with other organisations. His creative side has added some depth to the critical thinking around business, but also some diversity to the product range.

Conor is the eldest son of Terry and Denise the founders Centenary Landscaping Supplies. He works closely with Terry who is Managing Director to uphold the values of the family Business while the Centenary Group grows into new markets and distribution channels.

Conor’s steep climb to the top job was expertly facilitated by Jacob Aldridge and the Shirlaws business coaching team. The Centenary Group proudly endorses Shirlaws and Jacob for significantly improving the company’s culture, and strategic goals.

Meet the Finance & Compliance Manager

Kelby O'Shea
Kelby O'SheaFinance & Compliance Manager

Up until 2013, Kelby built a career in some of the best night clubs, bars and restaurants in Melbourne. Where he worked across all levels of the industry from glassy to venue manager and sommelier.

Kelby was looking for a way out of the industry, and into a better life style when Terry called one bitterly cold Melbourne day and offered him a job in the sales team at Centenary Landscaping Supplies. After a conversation with his better half, they jumped at the chance to come back home, work with the family and establish new roots in Queensland. Kelby’s background in high end customer service aligned well with the values and principles of the company.

After eight months or so, he had the opportunity to join the finance team and get involved with the business at a higher level. Quite unexpectedly, his studies in languages, philosophy and history seem to have prepared him well for the challenges of financial management. Businesses, no matter how big or small are made up of people. It is their expectations, desires and dreams which drive the flow of information and money in this wonderful exercise called business.

Terry O'Shea
Terry O'SheaManaging Director
Terry is still the life and blood of Centenary with a wealth of industry knowledge and a passion for Landscaping and Marketing, his enthusiasm for improvement and development keeps the company constantly progressing.
James McCullough
James McCulloughSales & Marketing Manager
James has been with the Centenary Group for over 10 years, working in almost all aspects of the business from yard to management. His extensive knowledge of the company, products and service helps make Centenary the leading landscaping supply company in Queensland.