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4 reasons to consider artificial turf

Are you spending your weekends pushing a 2-stroke around your yard like a mug? Wasting thousands of litres of water a year? Dropping hundreds of dollars on fancy fertiliser? Spraying dangerous chemicals and pesticides down the drain fighting mother nature… only to lose? Sounds like you need to meet the new breed of artificial turf, Urban Turf Solutions.

Still not convinced, check out our 4 top reasons you need to consider artificial turf in your home or project.

Save water

Brisbane receives on average around 90mm of rainfall per month which technically is enough for most turf species to survive. The reality is, we can go weeks or even months without adequate rainfall for your gardens to remain healthy and the use of town water is required to keep them looking the goods and water is not free! An hour of watering each week from a standard hose fitting can cost in excess of $200 per year and even more if you’re a high water user already. Simply removing your lawn can save your household over 10 Kiloliters each year.

Lower maintenance costs 

While the initial installation cost is slightly higher than live turf, the upkeep and maintenance cost’s are next to nothing. Everything has a cost, some of which are monetary like your mower fuel (roughly $1.00 an hour) or yearly servicing costs others are a lifestyle cost, with hours spent mowing and tending your lawn.

Once installed, artificial turf requires next to no maintenance with a regular vacuum or blow depending on your compulsions and an occasional reapplication of topping sand, once a year at the most.


Thousands of Tonnes of chemicals from fertilisers and pesticides are pumped into the river system every year in Australia. Much of it occurs in the agricultural and farming heartland of the country, but every unconcerned gardener adds their share back into the environment. Products like weed killers, chemical fertilisers and pest control products all take their toll impacting local flora and fauna.


Sick of getting a prickle in your foot every time you get the mail? Artificial turf can keep your garden weed-free for life with no maintenance. Don’t waste time, money and your health applying weed control poisons to your lawn every season to control the next invasion!

Free yourself from the guilt and do your bit for the environment by installing artificial turf made from recycled products and reduce your carbon footprint!

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