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Water Efficient Landscaping – 5 Tips to Create a Better Backyard

As much as we at Centenary Landscaping Supplies are knowledgable about a great deal of Landscaping related matters, we also have much to learn and are always willing to take on new and useful information. Here is some great information from a regular customer of ours Marcus Weekes of PPG Brisbane. Thanks Marcus for your thoughtful advice on water efficient landscaping!

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5 Tips to Create a Water Efficient Backyard

Creating a water efficient backyard does not need to be a costly measure, with so many quick and easy ideas available. Reducing your water consumption is not only good for the environment, but can ultimately save you hundreds of dollars in household bills. For some great tips for creating water saving landscaping in your backyard, check out our helpful hints below.

Recycled Water

Water can be recycled from a number of different sources, including rainwater, stormwater, grey water and waste water. If you are planning on using recycled water in your backyard, you must ensure that it is treated correctly, prior to use. Using recycled water, for the watering of plants and lawns, is a great way to reduce the unnecessary consumption of a precious. By using grey water, from the bathroom or kitchen, you are able to greatly reduce the amount of freshwater being used in your garden.


Implementing the use of a water-retaining substances into your soil can greatly reduce your water consumption and create the conditions for water efficient landscaping. When combined with your soil, products such as UltraGrow Aquaten Soil ConditionerCoir Fibre or UltraGrow Moisture Balancer will help to increase water absorption, eliminating the need to water plants and lawn so frequently. These products are most effective when used prior to turfing, allowing you to not only reduce water usage for your plants, but also for your lawn. One of the great advantages of using these products is that it is also great for the growth of your plants. While water is retained, the soil is still aerated, meaning your plants will not become waterlogged and will thrive in their new environment.

Use Mulch

Mulch is one of the most important things for the healthy growth of a garden. Weed prevention and temperature control are just a few of the benefits of using mulch, while the most valuable reason remains to be moisture control. Without mulch, natural elements rapidly dry out the soil surrounding your plants, increasing the need to water on a regular basis. Mulch will assist in retaining the water in your garden beds, aiding in the reduction of water usage. While optimising the conditions for water saving landscaping is one great reason to use mulch in your backyard, it is also aesthetically pleasing, creating and adding a professional landscaping touch to your backyard, through the use of different colours and textures.

Create a Water-Wise Pool

A pool is a great addition to any backyard, creating a great place to cool-off on those hot summer days. If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, however, you should take every measure possible to create a water efficient system. Implementing water saving solutions, such as wind breakers and a pool cover, can greatly reduce the amount of water being evaporated from your pool, ultimately reducing the amount of water that needs to be added.

Reduce your Lawn Area

While grass lawns are often aesthetically pleasing, they do require a great deal of maintenance, including regular watering. Smart water efficient landscaping solutions can greatly reduce the use of water in your backyard, while still creating an appealing outlook. Carefully designed paths and pebbled areas will go a long way in creating a water efficient backyard for your family.

This article was originally provided by PPG Brisbane.

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UPDATED: 17/04/2024

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