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Tools of the Trade

Top Tools of the Trade


1. Retractable tape measure

Great for easy one-person measuring, these are generally eight or 10m long with a metal blade that retracts into the case and a handy hook at the zero end to keep in in place when measuring.

2. Lump Hammer

This heavy hammer is used with a bolster for cutting bricks, blocks and pavers and with a cold chisel for breaking old concrete. It is also just generally great when you need to hit something, hard! A larger sledge hammer is your next point of call when the thing you hit hard with the lump hammer didn’t move or break!!

3. String Line

Generally 50 or 100 m long, you can use this string line for jobs that require a straight line as a guide, such as paving or edging, or to mark out lines for a path or driveway.

4. Digging Shovel

This is a general digging shovel, used for shifting, loading and digging compact materials including dry soil, sand or base’s. Use short handles for close work and opt for a long handle where leverage is needed.

5. Square Mouth Shovel

With a squarer nose, not as handy when digging is required, but its compact, rugged design allows for easy use when shifting loose fill materials. Grab an all steel shovel so your old wooden handles don’t rot or break.

6. Spirit Level

Use a spirit level to check and set levels of walls, fences and paving (or your BBQ). A reading taken on the horizontal is a level and on the vertical is described as plumb!

7. Wheel Barrow

How else is that pile of soil, mulch, road base or fill going to get around the back of your house? Love gardening or planning a decent project, opt for a trade quality barrow with a polly tray. Forget about the cheap and flimsy aluminium models as they will last no more then a weekend!

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