Floods and Your Garden

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Many gardeners face the enormous job of clearing out flooded gardens this weekend. Past experience tells us the plants that are likely to survive and the tasks to prioritise when tackling the clean-up.

Mulch 101 – Mulch and Your Garden Plus Handy Tips

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You will be familiar with the leaf and twig matter that makes up the forest or bush floor. Over the years, trees constantly drop leaves and twigs to the ground in the bush. Also, the bush is filled with many forms of animals, both large and small who go about their business and indeed doing their business (pooing), foraging and eventually dying there. The resulting decay of organic matter and carcases, constitutes the forest floor's natural mulch and compost that help nurture the plants and animals that depend upon it.

Mulch 101 – Types of Garden Mulch

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There are many types of mulch sometimes called landscape mulch and you can see over 22 of them on our website. Or visit our yard here at Darra to see all the mulches for yourself in bulk bays at our newly renovated and clean yard with easy parking and plenty of room to drive around even with your trailer, car, ute or truck.