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Power-Maxx Plus For Lush Green Lawns

Power-Maxx Plus For Lush Green Lawns

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Product Description


    Power-Maxx is a biologically enhanced liquid fertiliser and soil inoculant that stimulates and feeds the existing beneficial soil microbes while feeding plants & turf with traditional NPK additives, worm leachate, kelp, fish, triacontanol, blood & bone, humates and guano in liquid form for easy application. Liquid foliar (leaf) spraying can be up to 12 times more efficient than traditional granular fertilisers.

    Power-Maxx Plus is available in a 1L & 5L concentrate as well as a handy hose-end spray bottle.

    Benefits of Power-Maxx Plus

    • Power-Maxx Plus helps inoculate turf and soil by aiding in the conversion of 'fertiliser' to complex nutrients
    • Power-Maxx Plus greens lawns quickly with the release of fertiliser
    • Power-Maxx Plus stimulates desirable soil microbes.
    • Power-Maxx Plus buffers salts
    • Power-Maxx Plus increases micro-nutrient availability .
    • Power-Maxx Plus promotes stronger, healthier plants and lawns.
    • Power-Maxx Plus promotes soil aeration
    • Power-Maxx Plus reduces plant and lawn stress and increases disease resistance.
    • Power-Maxx Plus Helps water penetration while reducing fertiliser runoff
    • Power-Maxx Plus is made with kelp and fish and an indispensable bio-stimulant for plant and lawn health.
    • Spraying the leaves is up to 12 times more efficient than granular fertilising.

    Typical Analysis: Nitrogen (N) 16, Phosphorus (P) 2, Potassium (K) 5 + Trace Elements

    Instructions for use (Concentrate)

    • SHAKE WELL before diluting
    • Use within 24 to 48 hours of mixing
    • Store mixture in a cool location.
    • Minimum Dilution Rate: 1:75 = 1 ml to 75 ml of water.
    • Application rate: 75-100ml/100m2.
    • Apply monthly when feeding is required.

    Instructions for use (Hose-end bottle)

    • SHAKE WELL before use
    • Store in a cool location
    • Connect the hose with the black stopper pressed down to shut off the water flow.
    • Turn hose water on. Water will be held back by the black stopper.
    • Hold the bottle ready to spray and pull out the twin-pin stopper followed by the black stopper to open water and product flow.
    • Lightly drench or wet foliage with a broad spraying action.
    • Covers up to 300SQ.M of lawn or garden depending on your spraying action and movement.
    • It is best to spray in the morning or late afternoon particularly in warm weather.

    Refilling the hose-end spray bottle

    • Add concentrate at a ratio of 1:5 for general plants and 1:3 for lawns into the reusable hose-end spray bottle and fill the remainder with water.
    • Example: 2L - 300ml Concentrate with 1.7L water.
    • Spray liberally over plant foliage, lawn or soil surface (covers approx. 300SQ.M depending on hose pressure and speed).
Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer UltraGrow
    Stocked in Yard Yes
    Size 1L & 5L Concentrate, 2L Hose-end spray
    Application Lawns & Gardens
    Application Rate 75-100ml 100 m2
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