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Cousin it 140mm 1

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Casuarina Glauca 'Cousin It' 140mm

Casuarina Cousin It 140mm

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    Casuarinas are often called 'native pines' because their foliage bears a similarity to pine needles. Individual plants are either male or female, but unlike the conifers, they bear resemblance to they are in fact true flowering plants. The Casuarinaceae family is native to Australia, south-east Asia and islands of the Pacific.
    • Ground Covers
    • Garden borders
    • Hanging pots and containers
    • Around rock and block retaining walls
    Mulch well and water regularly during the establishment period of around 12-weeks. Prune tips while young to encourage dense growth and fertilise with a slow release fertiliser in spring.

    Casuarina Cousin Its’ are suitable for most soil conditions from arid to waterlogged. Favours a soil pH of between 6 - 8. Heavy frosts can kill the top layers of the foliage but the stems reshoot readily in spring. The cascading forms of this plant are highly suitable for appreciation and containment in hanging baskets, planter boxes and spilling over rock or retaining walls.
    Plant in well-drained soil in a full sun to partly shaded position in the garden and can tolerate dry conditions once established.

    Height & Width:
    Will grow up to 10-15 cm in height by up to 1 metre wide. 
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