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Dyna-Maxx Premium Seaweed Fertiliser Concentrate

Dyna-Maxx Premium Seaweed Fertiliser Concentrate

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    Dyna-Maxx is a super concentrated premium Seaweed (Kelp) based fertiliser and soil conditioner boosted with added Humic and Fulvic Acids with organic carbon. It boasts 77 minerals, 17 amino acids, 4 natural growth stimulants, chelating agents and complex sugars resulting in natural growth stimulants crawling with beneficial microbes. Liquid foliar (leaf) spraying can be up to 12 times more efficient than traditional granular fertilisers.

    This Seaweed based plant and soil conditioner will improve root development, flower & fruit growth, plant longevity and stress resistance while nurturing new plants. As a natural chelator, it prevents nutrient 'tie-up' so these nutrients are made freely available to the plant.

    Benefits of using Dyna-Maxx in your garden:

    • Helps protect against drought, heat and frost.
    • Rescue remedy helps improve sick plants fast and helps with the establishment of new/transplanted plants & trees.
    • Stimulates desirable soil microbes.
    • Premium root and foliar conditioner.
    • Stronger, healthier plants and lawns.
    • Super-charged with humic and fulvic acid.
    • Reduces plant and lawn stress and increases disease resistance.
    • Improves longevity of fruit and flowers.
    • Natural chelator that unlocks nutrients.
    • Made with kelp and indispensable bio-stimulant in plant and lawn health.
    • Liquid foliar (leaf) spraying can be up to 12 times more efficient than traditional granular fertilisers.

    For a total health program use in conjunction with UltraGrow Water Wise and Power-Maxx along with quality UltraGrow Soils, Potting Mixes and granular fertilisers.

    Availabe for purchase in 1L & 5L Concentrate, 750ml RTU Trigger Spray & RTU Hose-end bottle.

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