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Bioganic Earth

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Bioganic Earth Potting Media 25L - Certified Organic

Bioganic Earth Organic (Certified) 25L

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    Bioganic Earth is a light weight specialist growing media that is available in three varieties. 

    Podium & Containers, Green Walls & Green Roofs and Certified Organic. 

    Bioganic Earth is a robust growing media formulation containing natural rock substrates. This growing mix is a combination of long-lasting sustainable media as organic rock substrates that do not slump and will remain robust for 2-5 years. Bioganic Earth contains enough nutrients to feed and maintain plant health for up to 2-years. All mixes contain environmentally sustainable organic wetting agents and a composite of soil conditioners, cation exchange enhancers and bio-chars. Importantly it’s carefully manufactured by a consistent process in a ‘clean’ working environment by blending a selection of fully composted materials, soil enhancers and microbial inoculants making it unique for these three different applications.

    Benefits of Bioganic Earth

    • Watering/irrigation is reduced by up to 50%
    • Resists water logging in podium planter boxes & green walls are sited in an external environment.
    • Substrate dry weight approx. 375kg per m³ for green roof & green wall mixes.
    • Substrate dry weight from 580kg per m³ for indoor, podium, Container and indoor Blends
    • The media is pH stable and may be customised to suit a wide range of plant species.
    • Provide immediately available and slow release plant nutrients.
    • Improve aeration, water penetration and soil water holding capacity.
    • Increase organic carbon levels, double those available from raw and aged manures.
    • Reduce chemical fertiliser requirements for up to two years and supplies the total potassium needs for most crops.
    • Buffer soil from abrupt pH changes and helps reduce soil sodium.
    • Provide charged particles that hold and exchange nutrients.

    Available for purchase in:

    25 litre bags (stocked) or bulk quantities by request and quotation.

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