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Retaining Wall Blocks

One of the simplest ways to create a more useable space within your yard is by implementing a retaining wall.

Not only does this create boundaries, but you can get creative with the layout, designs, block types and the height. Retaining wall blocks go beyond their aesthetics when built into a retaining wall.

They are installed to retain the earth, and must be durable, solid, and strong enough to withstand constant pressure and changes in weather.

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Concrete Sleepers

For sleek looking retaining wall blocks that will complement a modern home, we suggest our concrete sleepers. Purpose built to retain the earth behind them, and to provide strength and durability, these sleepers are dependable and great for the harsh Australian weather.

Timber Sleepers

Our timber sleepers are a great alterative for those who don’t want the look of a brick or block retaining wall. Not only do timber retaining walls look great, but they are essentially a more affordable solution, and can be used for horizontal designs or vertical designs.

At Centenary Landscaping, we offer treated timber sleepers in both pine and hardwood.

Grey “Besser” Blocks

If you want to get stuck into building a retaining wall with blocks that are reliable and easy to find, our grey “besser” blocks are a great choice. For large retaining walls, these blocks will need to be engineered along with reinforcing so that they can be structurally sound for your project. For DIY friendly solutions, we offer blocks that require no mortar or gluing as well.

Link Wall Blocks

Link blocks are a great way to create a retaining wall without the need for any mortar or extra strength. Because they are less than 20kgs, it’s a simple solution for a wall that can be done in no time. Link wall blocks also come in an array of colours and styles, giving you the option to create a retaining wall that better suits your property.

Building a Retaining Wall with Blocks

Building a retaining wall with blocks can open up an abundance of opportunities for your landscape design. Whether you’re looking at creating garden beds, outdoor entertaining areas, or simply retaining your property boundary, a retaining wall is the best solution. Not only are they a great investment, but you can enjoy optimal choices of retaining wall blocks to suit your design ideas and your home.

“With the right planning, building a retaining wall with blocks can be a quick weekend DIY project, or broken up and done across a timeframe.”

With our range of retaining wall blocks and block links such as the Adbri Versawall Block, you can create the perfect retaining wall, with the right shades and design for landscaping or outdoor entertaining ideas. At Centenary Landscaping, we provide a number of retaining wall blocks suitable for various project types, such as: Concrete Sleepers, Timber Sleepers, Grey “Besser” Blocks, Link Wall Blocks.

Retaining Wall Blocks Brisbane

If building a retaining wall is on the cards for you, choose Centenary Landscaping for a diverse range of retaining wall blocks Brisbane homeowners love! With a range of colours, textures, and styles, we have blocks that will suit any landscaping DIY project.

To buy retaining wall blocks online, browse our range all in one place or visit us in store at 26 Sumners Rd, Darra to see the retaining wall blocks Brisbane residents love to use. For general information or queries regarding our products, give us a call on 3373 4999.

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