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Quadro Pavers: affordable style and DIY friendly

Quadro Pavers from Adbri Masonry may not be new on the scene but they are certainly as popular now as ever before. This large format paver comes in a fantastic range of modern colours and work great as both a solid paved space and as stepping stones through a garden or narrow pathway.

Quadro Pavers may be budget friendly but that doesn’t mean you’ll be sacrificing on the quality of the finished product. A great feature and something that makes these guys one of the most DIY friendly paving options around are the inbuilt spacers or side notches located down each side of the paver. This takes the hassle out of getting your spacing just right. When concrete and clay pavers are laid tight there is risk of chipping and cracking occurring along the edges and corners. The pro’s will alway leave a slight gap to be filled later with Gap Sand which locks the pavers in tight while allowing some flexibility. But don’t worry, Quadro’s have got you covered.

Other features include modern styling with a tidy bevel on all four edges, an easy to maintain slip resistant surface and a matching bullnose, great for steps and edges. This affordable and easy to install large paver is ideal for all home do it yourself projects including patios, paths and courtyards.

So save your hip pocket on your next paving project and take a look at Quadro Pavers from Adbri Masonry and come away with a top (or side) notch result! See what we did there?

Don’t believe us? Take a look at what Jason Hodges, Adbri Masonry’s brand ambassador and well respected landscaper thinks of this great product below.

Take a look at the Adbri Paving range below...

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