Ultracote16 Controlled Release 1KG


Ultracote Controlled Release 1KG

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Ultracote 16™ is a controlled release fertiliser, coated with an outstanding tough and resilient polymer coating. Each granule contains all major nutrients and trace elements which are necessary for optimal growth. The nutrients supply coincides with the physiological requirements of your plants for up to 16-months in ideal conditions.

All Planting: Mix Ultracote 16 into the backfill soil. Fill around the roots in the planting hole with the enriched soil and water thoroughly, or sprinkle around the plant’s dripline below the outer leaves. 

For best results, reapply Ultracote 16 every 12-14 months in accordance with the label rates.

Established Plants: Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of Ultracote 16™ per 30cm of plant height around the plant’s dripline below the outer leaves. Cover with soil or mulch.

Ultracote 16™ Controlled Release Fertiliser sets new standards in controlled release plant nutrition. The concentrated nutrient composition of Ultracote 16 is released safely over time due to the coating technology which ensures optimum plant growth. It starts to release after 2-3 weeks which is ideal for your plants sustained health as compared to NKP chemical fertilisers that release nutrients too quickly.

Nutrient Composition

Nitrogen (N)14%

as Nitric nitrogen6.3%

as Ammoniacal nitrogen7.7%

Phosphorus (P) as soluble in neutral 

ammonium citrate and in water3.4%

Water soluble2.8%

Potassium (K) soluble in water11.6%

Magnesium (Mg)1.2%

Iron (Fe)0.4%

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All gardens & potted plants

Application Rate

See label rates

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