Lawnporn Root Builder+ 1L


Lawn Porn Root Builder + 1 litre

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Root Builder+ is a premium quality natural seaweed concentrate developed specifically for turf. Freshly harvested South African seaweed Ecklonia Maxima, which has unique characteristics and is treated with a proprietary method of hormone extraction resulting in a biostimulant with ideal auxin to cytokinin ratio to trigger maximum root development.

Root Builder+ has the ideal naturally occurring auxin to cytokinin ratio (300:1) that achieves the greatest root growth response. This results in a more efficient soil nutrient uptake from the new root tips and extended root mass of the plant. The plant naturally responds to the extended root system and the enhanced nutrient uptake with better upper plant growth, more shoots, improved plant health and stress tolerance.

Tank-mixed with Launch+ or Green Light Fertilisers.

If using a plant growth regulator, Root Builder+ can be tank-mixed with Green Light. A Green Light/Root Builder/PGR is a very good treatment to maintain a lower height for effectively managed turf.

Application rate:

  • 50-100mL per 100m2 of lawn in 5-15L of water depending on application method. 
  • Suitable for all grass types.
  • The first application should be at the lowest strength.
  • No need to water after application.
  • Effectively tank-mixes with Launch+ and Green Light Fertiliser.
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Application Rate

50-100mL per 100m2 of lawn in 5-15L of water.

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