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Platinum Zoysia

Visual Description

Platinum Zoysia has an eye-catching dark green colour and a luxurious soft-to-the-touch feel. Mid-range width (5-7mm), tight leaf blade growth gives it natural weed suppression abilities. Empire Zoysia, when kept is one of the most beautiful lawns available. The choice of real purists!


Zoysia will grow well in clay and sandy soil types. With vigorous growth from underground rhizomes (much like green and blue couch), Empire can display rapid injury recovery, so it is a great couch-like turf for high use areas. With its high pest resistance, moderate shade tolerance and durability and high drought and cold hardiness, Platinum Zoysia is up there as one of the best lawns money can buy. Empire thrives is hot and humid conditions, which makes it a great choice for the Brisbane climate.

Maintenance Characteristics

  • During the growing season (September-May) mow every 7-21 days (depending on fertilizing frequency).
  • During the winter mow every 2-6 weeks.
  • Requires less fertiliser than other lawns.
  • Less insecticide, herbicide and fungicide usage.


Like all turf, Platinum Zoysia can be susceptible to Lawn Grub or Army Worm attack during the wet season although is far less susceptible to most Buffalo and Couch varieties. For more information on grub control click here.


Use & Care Guide

Platnium Zoysia Grass Tolerance Wheel.

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