Waste-based Manufactured Soils

Waste-based manufactured soil constitutes the majority of growing media sold throughout South-East Queensland today. These soils use significant levels of composted recycled industrial and green waste materials as a so-called ‘organic’ base. The near composted components are then blended with different mineral elements such as topsoil, sand but mainly site soil to manufacture landscape soils designed with the intention of meeting the Australian Standard (AS-4419:2018). 

The use of waste material is an environmentally sensitive means to recycle otherwise unused products. However, often soils are manufactured to suit the waste that is available in abundance rather than what best satisfies a plants requirements. Centenary Landscaping Supplies acknowledges that green waste blended landscaping soils are a sustainable and effective method for handling and processing this waste. 



Supreme Garden Soil is a mix of a natural light sandy loam and a fine green compost, ash and crusher dust with the minimal amount of nutrients to enhance performance for up to a month. This composted clean-stream waste-based mix is a mid-priced general garden mix equivalent to most so-called premium products offered in the market. (There is no such thing as a premium soil)

We strongly recommend the addition of quality fertilisers such as UltraGrow Activator Soil Conditioner or Organic Xtra.





A low-cost mix of composted green waste organics and blended with various soils suitable for most bulk installations. It is NOT recommended for Veggie gardens. It must be well fertilised on a regular basis, slumpage is expected and we suggest adding Organic Xtra or UltraGrow Activator Soil Conditioner. 



A cheap mix of green waste and dirt which might be suitable for bulk installation applications as a horizon B (garden fill). This product is NOT recommended as a planting mix or for veggie gardens. It must be well fertilised on a regular basis, slumpage is expected and we suggest the addition of Organic Xtra, UltraGrow Activator Soil Conditioner, Restore and Moisture Balancer.



An excellent light composted organic top dressing option made up of screened organic compost and sand. A1 has a nice balance of nutrients and manure. It helps to increase nutrient retention and improves drainage. 



Turf Blend Soil is a quality natural light sandy soil mixed with around 5% AS-4454 certified compost so it satisfies the requirements of AS-4419 (landscape soils). Ideal for under turf and general soil and garden applications as it’s free of liquid and green waste. It will need the addition of a suitable fertiliser to boost performance.



This is a high-quality natural soil which is low in phosphorus making it suitable for natives. It’s suitable for garden beds, vegetable garden beds with correct fertiliser & under turf. It’s free of liquid and green waste and is the perfect base soil for blending with your own composts or producing custom soil blends.

The new UltraGrow™ Collection of soils and potting mixes are manufactured by Centenary Landscaping Supplies while redefining soils and offers a quality alternative to recycled waste-based products.