We’ve changed the game by redefining the soil and potting market


Landscaping Soils Redefined

“We’ve redefined soils with rigorous horticultural science keeping in mind the gardener, landscaper, architect and nursery person.”

Soil is the foundation of a healthy and blossoming society. Throughout the ages civilisations depend on fertile soils and water for agriculture to thrive and support its inhabitants. The same is true today. However, in the contemporary urban environment, we seek a balance between the built environment and a sustainable lifestyle where green plants form the foundation for sustainability and the long-term health of our environment. To achieve this, plants can only reach their full potential with quality soils. By redefining urban soils currently on the market, as compared to agricultural soils, we have created two distinct classifications so you have an alternative from the basic waste-based soils and potting mixes. We have crafted UltraGrow™ Soils and Potting Mixes based on rigorous horticultural science while keeping in mind the gardener, landscaper, architect, and nursery person.

Our passion for the garden industry has led us to set new standards in soil design.

For many years we have been dominated by the waste industry. But in 2015 my son, Conor, who is now the company CEO, made me aware that our soil supply was totally controlled by the waste-based soil manufacturing industry with its focused on commercial scale production, cost reduction and green waste recycling. I believe the recycling industry has fallen short in developing healthy living soils and potting mixes that plants need to thrive and grow to their full potential. That’s understandable, as it is a waste industry and not a garden industry. I also acknowledge the industry itself is constrained by the sheer volume of low-cost wasted based organics that swamp their facilities and demand for low-priced product.

As I look around our built environment, public and private gardens, it’s my belief we no longer appreciate what plants should look like. We are content with just average growth because virtually all our plants are now growing in the same substandard waste-based materials. Partially composted organic green waste dominates most bulk and bagged growing media and about 90% of available ‘soils’ come from similar waste sources with substantial variations between and within manufactures. We acknowledge that some use best practice to produce their composts from clean waste streams such as sugar cane trash and tree clearing organics which are not contaminated with industrial liquid waste during the composting process. Thus, our point. The resulting products are variable and tests indicate inconsistency and even contamination. Good compost is the foundation of all excellent soils and potting mixes. If the compost does not pass AS3743, then the resulting manufactured soil or potting mix will just not be enough.

Our drive for change was motivated by the criticism and indeed anger expressed by horticulturist, garden writers, landscapers, gardeners, nurseries and architects about what the market offers. There is a huge difference between what they want and what has typically been available from a waste industry dominated soil market. To make a difference, we sought professional advice based on the science of good soils and plant health. We knew we could raise the bar because of our passion for risk-taking and change. To achieve this we engaged leading horticulturists and a soil laboratory to work with us to formulate bulk soil mixes along with potting and podium blends to create a new market segment with our innovative and highly successful UltraGrow™ Collection.

This is just the first chapter in our relentless pursuit of excellence in soil production free of recycled liquid & green waste.

Most of what was being sold as a “premium soil” is the same as our cheap waste-based budget and commercial soils with little to no nutritional value. We saw there was a massive opening between what is available and what we could achieve if we were in science-based soil design and production. While evolving, we’re utilising technology to constantly improve and innovate. This is just the first chapter in our relentless pursuit of excellence in soil production free of recycled liquid & green waste. While we hope to work with recyclers in the future to make excellent waste based composts we will never be held back by conformity as we separate ourselves from the pack by seeing things from a different perspective.

To address this conundrum and set ourselves apart, we decided to blend our own soils designed with the gardener, landscaper, architect and nursery person in mind. We now have control following strict guidelines by carefully blending hand-picked ingredients free of waste with nutritional elements that give sustained growth all while creating a living soil that improves with time. It has not been an easy task over the three years since 2015 to source clean and reliable bulk ingredients that would result in manufactured soils that go well beyond current requirement of the Australian Standard AS4419 and AS3743.

The UltraGrow™ Collection of Garden Soils, Potting Mixes and Podium Blends provide our customers with a healthy and sustained foundation for spectacular plant growth and beautiful gardens. UltraGrow™ branded products have achieved an uncompromising standard in soil design. Our research, development and quality control ensure market leading products at the forefront of growing media available to the home gardener, nursery, architect and trade / commercial landscaper. The new UltraGrow™ Collection of growing media manufactured by Centenary Landscaping Supplies redefines soils so you have a choice and offers a quality alternative to the basic and generally inconsistent recycled waste-based options.

Terry O’Shea, Centenary Group Director

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