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Potting Mixes

Now you can buy our famous UltraGROW potting mix by the trailer load to save time and money!

Centenary Landscaping Supplies is Brisbane’s premium provider of industry potting mixes, including our famous UltraGROW Platinum Potting Mixture. Platinum Potting Mix was designed exclusively for Centenary Landscaping Supplies by leading soil scientists and agronomists and is second to none in the bulk potting mix market.

Our famous UltraGROW Platinum Potting Mix is blended and manufactured in-house to our specially designed recipe. Easily the best quality bulk potting mixture available and it can be purchased either by the bag, trailer or truck-load.

We Provide Potting Mixes in:

  • Bulk (trailer or truck load)
  • Bulka Bags (1m3) or smaller manageable 25 or 40 lt. plastic bags
  • Retail pre-packaged bags from suppliers such as Searles and Rocky Point Mulching.