Typical Sandstone Rock Wall

Using larger landscaping rock and boulders in your landscaping project can create a natural bush feel to your garden and offer a sense of permanency other products cannot. At Centenary Landscaping Supplies, we have access to a huge range of different rock coming in all shapes and sizes. This rock can be used on a wide range of aspects of landscaping and are all on display here at our Darra yard.

As all the rock and boulders are natural products, they obviously vary in their colour and size substantially. So when you have had a look at the pictures on the website, come and look at the actual rock in the yard. This way, you can be sure that what is going to be delivered will suit your particular job and that they will not be too big or too small. When stocking products of this nature, we try to maintain a consistency to the rock sizing …. But its always good to check.

So whether it’s a feature rock in the front garden; a rockery around the pool; some garden edging or a rock or boulder retaining wall, check out our great range of rock to see what will work for you.

Rock Retaining Walls

If you are considering building a Rock Wall, and it is going to be substantial, over one metre or even more, it is advisable that you consult a professional. Give us a call at Centenary and we will pass on some contact details of a Contractor who could visit your home and advise as to the best strategy.

If the effect you are looking for is more of a rockery type finish or a smaller retaining wall below one metre, then we have some “Man Handleable” sized rocks for you to choose from, just check out the products to the right.

Once you have had a look at the types of rock available, browse through some of the websites below for extra tips on putting a rock wall together yourself: