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Retain-iT® Range

Retain-iT retaining wall posts are an easy to use solution for creating solid, aesthetically pleasing retaining walls and garden walls constructed from timber sleepers.


  • No packing or fastening is required.
  • Deep 40mm recesses which provide crucial adjustment to get the fit just right, and allows for future shrinkage and movement.
  • A recessed, curved edge improves safety, providing a visually appealing, slim-line look.

As functional as it is beautiful, the system has the strength and long-life of high tensile, galvanised steel; and, is flexible enough to cater to single, double and triple sleeper heights.


Retain-iT Installation Guide

If you’re planning a new retaining wall project, Retain-iT retaining wall posts could be the perfect option. Check out this fantastic DIY video and give it a go this weekend!

Follow these simple steps for a professional quality timber retaining wall, simple to install and ready to enjoy.


Refer to the following table for a quick overview of the Retain-iT range.

ProductSleeper Thickness (mm)Length (mm)Wall Height (sleepers)Delivery lead time
450mm End50mm 450mm1 (200mm)24-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
450mm Corner50mm 450mm1 (200mm)24-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
450mm Joiner50mm 450mm1 (200mm)24-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
750mm End50mm 750mm2 (400mm)24-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
750mm Corner50mm 750mm2 (400mm)24-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
750mm Joiner50mm 750mm2 (400mm)24-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
1100mm Joiner50mm 1100mm3 (600mm)24-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
1100mm Joiner50mm 1100mm3 (600mm)24-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
1100mm Joiner50mm 1100mm3 (600mm)24-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
450mm End75mm 450mm1 (200mm)24-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
450mm Corner75mm 450mm1 (200mm)24-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
450mm Joiner75mm 450mm1 (200mm)24-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
750mm End75mm 750mm2 (400mm)24-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
750mm Corner75mm  750mm2 (400mm)24-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
750mm Joiner75mm 750mm2 (400mm)24-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
1100mm Joiner75mm 1100mm3 (600mm)24-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
1100mm Joiner75mm 1100mm3 (600mm)24-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
1100mm Joiner75mm 1100mm3 (600mm)24-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)



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