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Calculating your order


  • PENTABLOCKS are 360mm long and are 150mm in height.
  • 1 square metre = 1mt x 1mt of exposed face of walling.
  • 1 meter squared is equal to 18.5 full blocks.
  • 1 meter squared (18.5 blocks) in a single row will equal to 6.65mt in length.
  • If you have external corners you must order left and right corners as the walling rises, breaking the bond of the layers for        the most natural look and high strength. For a 600mm wall (4 courses high) you will need 2 x left corners and 2 x right.
    eg: 1st  row left corner, 2nd  row right corner, 3rd  row left corner, 4th row left corner. Etc
  • If you have internal corners the standard full and half block simply butt together with the option to purchase our pre      mitered custom internal corner block sets for the most professional finish.
  • Full end blocks and half end blocks are available to finish off the ends of walling and step downs in heights. Make sure you have calculated left or right end blocks which depend on which end the blocks are going.
  • When working out quantities for a project that that has corners, the easiest solution is to work out total square face     metre of projects and then deduct the amount of corner blocks needed from overall square metres. This will give you two quantities.   1. total square meters required.  and     2.Total corners required. (1 corner block = 0.081 M2)
Measuring diagram
Measuring diagram
Measuring diagram

Columns and Pillars

  • The smallest and standard pentablock pillar is 600mm in width. Pillars can increase in size in increments of half blocks (180mm) and full blocks (360) in a rectangular or square shape as shown in diagram.
  • Columns and pillars are a series of left and right corners. Each row will be the same but will alternate as the pillar rises, eg: left, right, left, right, etc.
Measuring diagram
Measuring diagram
Measuring diagram

*Diagram measurements are for the raw block only. Please allow 20 – 50mm extra for natural stone facing.
*Diagram shows the use of natural stone 160mm series block. Pentablock also supplies a 190mm series block.