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Grey “Besser” Blocks

Grey block or more traditionally referred to as Besser Blocks are a versatile an essential part of most building and landscaping projects. Grey block can be the ideal way to terrace your yard or create a neat space space-saving wall on the boundary. As with all retaining walls, there are Council restrictions as to the height to which they can be built without having engineered drawings, so check with your local authority before you start building especially if the wall is going to be over one metre high.

For larger walls, grey blocks will need to be engineered and reinforced to be structurally sound. The DIY person will find they are a little difficult to lay so it is suggested that a professional “block layer” be contracted to complete the job for you. A more DIY friendly solution would be the Versaloc option from Adbri Masonry which requires no mortar. Alternatively, for retaining wall applications, check out the link block options from Adbri Masonry.

Grey blocks are made from concrete and are predominantly supplied in a standard grey colour, however, there is a wide range of renders and finishes available to make them match your home. 

They are widely used for retaining walls, garden beds and garden edging as well as structural walls. Grey block,s when installed by a professional, are an attractive and versatile solution which will last a lifetime.

There is a full range of these grey “besser” blocks available for collection from our store in Darra, which can be collected as required, or we can organise a bulk delivery to your home or job site with only 24-hours notice.


Recommended Use

  • Garden edging

  • Straight walls

  • Structural walls

  • Vertical construction

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Besser Block & Brick

If you’re planning a new retaining wall project, Grey blocks could be the perfect option. Download and save the adjacent product brochure for further information and planning.

Besser Block building | Featured image for Grey Besser Blocks.


Refer to the following table for a quick overview of the Grey block range. For a full product and specification information, download the brochure above.

ProductSize LxHxW (mm)Unit per palletUnit per TonneDelivery lead time
10.01390x190x90mm14410924-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
10.02290x190x90mm19211424-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
10.03190x190x90mm28822124-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
10.31390x190x90mm1087624-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
10.71390x90x90mm31217824-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
10.73190x90x90mm60035724-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
15.01390x190x140mm1448924-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
15.02290x190x140mm19211824-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
15.03190x190x140mm24018024-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
15.12390x190x140mm1206624-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
15.20390x190x140mm1449024-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
15.42390x190x140mm1447924-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
15.48390x190x140mm1449724-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
15.71390x90x140mm24016124-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
15.73140x190x90mm40026924-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
20.01390x190x190mm1087524-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
20.02290x190x190mm1449924-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
20.03190x190x190mm21613324-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
20.20390x190x190mm1087024-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
20.42390x190x190mm1087224-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
20.48390x190x190mm1087224-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
20.71390x90x190mm18013324-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
30.925390x190x290mm725624-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
30.02290x190x290mm806524-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
50.31390x40x190mm21614924-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)
15.31390x40x140mm28820124-48 Hours (Mon-Fri)