Grey Besser Blocks


These versatile blocks are still very popular within the building and landscaping industry today and can be the ideal way to terrace your yard or create that neat space saving wall on the boundary. As with all retaining walls, there are Council restrictions as to the height to which they can be built without having engineered drawings, so check with your local authority before you start building especially if the wall is going to be over one metre high.
For larger walls the grey besser blocks will need reinforcing and mortar to be able to build them and be structurally sound. The DIY person will find they are a little difficult to lay so it is suggested you get a professional “block layer” to do the job for you.

Grey Besser blocks systems are made from concrete and are predominantly supplied in Standard Grey, however, there is a wide range of renders and finishes available to make them match your home.

They are widely used for retaining walls, garden beds and garden edging as well as structural walls. Besser blocks are an attractive, very long lasting product that add value to any project

There is a full range of these Grey besser blocks at the Depot in Darra so if you need to pick up one on a Sunday morning or have one thousand delivered on a Friday from the factory, we can arrange it for you.

Grey Besser Blocks Size Chart

100mm SeriesLengthWidthHeight
10.01 Standard
10.02 Three Quarter
10.03 Half
10.25 Corner Return
10.31 Solid
10.71 Half Height Standard390mm90mm90mm
10.73 Half Height Half190mm90mm90mm
150mm Series
15.01 Standard390mm140mm190mm
15.02 Three Quarter290mm140mm190mm
15.03 Half190mm140mm190mm
15.04 Quarter90mm140mm190mm
15.12 Lintel390mm140mm190mm
15.20 Knock Out Bond Beam390mm140mm190mm
15.25 Corner Return390mm190mm190mm
15.42 Channel390mm140mm190mm
15.48 “H” Block390mm140mm190mm
15.71 Half Height Standard390mm140mm90mm
15.73 Half Height Half190mm140mm90mm
200mm Series
20.01 Standard390mm190mm190mm
20.02 Three Quarter290mm190mm190mm
20.03 Half190mm190mm190mm
20.04 Quarter90mm190mm190mm
20.12 Lintel390mm190mm190mm
20.20 Knock Out Bond Beam390mm190mm190mm
20.42 Channel390mm190mm190mm
20.48 “H” Block390mm190mm190mm
20.71 Standard Half Height390mm190mm90mm
20.72 Three Quarter Half Height290mm190mm90mm
20.73 Half Height Half190mm190mm90mm
300mm SeriesLengthWidthHeight
30.925 Single Core390mm290mm190mm
30.02 Three Quarter290mm290mm190mm
Capping TilesLengthWidthHeight
50.31 Capping Tile390mm190mm40mm
15.31c Capping Tile390mm140mm40mm