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Choose link blocks to suit all styles and budgets

Retaining Wall Link Blocks are the foundation of your landscape design, adding depth and character to your yard. In a flat yard, retaining wall blocks can be used for steps, benches and raised garden beds. If your land is hilly or sloped, retaining wall blocks can add terraces and give you more usable living space for you and your family. Whatever method you choose, adding retaining wall link blocks to your yard will add to the value of your home and landscape.

Over the past 30 years the development of the humble retaining wall block has come a long way. With a huge range of shapes, sizes and colours to choose from you will be sure to find retaining wall blocks to suit every need and design. They are often referred to as “Link Blocks” or “Stacker Blocks”.

All the major brands can be seen on our website or in our display yard in Darra. We also carry stock of most retaining wall blocks so you could even take one home to see what it will look like in its intended setting or pick up your entire requirement direct for us the day you place your order.


  • Retaining wall blocks stack on top of each other and do not require any mortar or cement joins. This obviously makes construction much easier and means that the home handyman can produce a quality outcome. In fact, there have been some comparisons made with good old-fashioned “Lego” where once the bottom course is laid, the retaining wall blocks just click together!
  • Following on from this point; if a mistake is made … as there is no mortar, you can just dismantle the retaining wall blocks and start again.

  • In most cases, the retaining wall blocks are below 20kg each which again makes DIY installation possible. There’s no need to be “Mr Muscles” to get your retaining wall blocks around the back!

  • As they are a manufactured product, the sizing and uniformity is very consistent, again making installation a breeze.
  • Given the variety of styles and colours available, they can blend in with any style of a landscaping project.
  • Depending on the style of retaining wall blocks chosen, they can be used in straight or curved walls and in many cases can do right-angled corners too.
  • We have a great range retaining wall blocks in stock and often on special, making them an economical option.


  • It is a good idea to read the manufacturer’s guidelines as to the capabilities and specifications of the retaining wall blocks. Some of the biggest problems arise when retaining wall blocks are used for an application that they are not designed to handle, e.g. over a specified and designed height or right-angled corners, etc.
  • In spite of modern technology, all retaining wall blocks have the potential to fade to varying degrees over the years and depending on their location, they may well succumb to some mould growth on the surface. These are processes that happen naturally and cannot be avoided, however, the retaining wall blocks do respond well when cleaned with a gurney or high-pressure cleaner.
  • If the bottom course is not laid level and carefully, this can result in the retaining wall appearing uneven, as each course will follow the pattern of the one below. Ensure extra care is taken laying the bottom course and have a spirit level available at all times!
  • Consider the stability of the ground when planning the footing below the retaining wall. Some brochures recommend compacted road base which can be fine for small retaining walls (say around 500mm) but on higher walls, up to 1m, the use of concrete (a mix of Concrete Blend and Cement) is a much better solution as it not only strengthens the wall a great deal but also ensures that each level stays exactly level for the life of the retaining wall.






The team at Centenary Landscaping Supplies work very hard at presenting the best possible product to fit your budget and are highly skilled at maximising your landscaping dollar. We realise we live in a highly competitive world, and we are upfront with our pricing making it freely available online and in-store.

If our pricing does not impress you but our helpful service, fantastic display yard, huge website, unmatched customer service both before and after sales, then we will be happy to match any competitive quote provided it is not below our cost price.

We simply ask that you give us the opportunity to offer you our FULL SERVICE!

Once you have settled on a retaining wall block, if one of our competitors can do it better, then let us know and we will do our very best to match that. You will never be disappointed shopping with Centenary Landscaping Supplies and over 30-years of loyal service to Brisbane residents is a testament to that.

Shop with confidence knowing Centenary Landscaping Supplies stands by our products, service and guarantee.


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