Composts help enrich your existing garden soil and boost your overall garden health.

Compost is primarily used in the garden is to add organic matter back into the soil, replenish depleted nutrients, improve soil fertility and stimulate healthy root development in plants.

Further, in areas of heavy clay, the addition of compost can help break down the clay particles. In sandy environments, compost adds body to the soil and will facilitate water retention.

In all applications, the organic matter in compost provides food for microorganisms, which keeps the soil in healthy, balanced condition. Nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus will be produced naturally by the feeding of microorganisms, so few if any, soil amendments will need to be added. However, we strongly recommend you fertilise your garden soil when planting and on a regular basis thereafter to ensure your plant investment continues to thrive.


Richly coloured finely textured organic mulch that is pH neutral and high in readily available nutrients. It’s a premium quality garden mulch and soil conditioner and will provide nutrient-rich organic material to hard, dry topsoil which will help create an ideal environment for earthworms and microbiological activity.

Comprised of fine (0-10mm) Slash Bark that has been composted for 3-months. It has a low bulk density and can be used as a potting media base and general soil conditioner.


Enviro Compost / Humus is a unique fully composted soil conditioner. The composting process changes the original feedstock into a dark humus that locks in nitrogenous carbon that will last for many years.  Enviro Compost / Humus is a clean nutrient rich product which is liquid and green waste free.


Rocky Point Mulching’s Organic Active 8 is a well-balanced soil improver and planting mix designed for the home gardener to plant directly into with no fuss.

Organic Active 8 contains over 8 active ingredients helping to improve your soil and also feed your plants. This ensures your plants are healthier, producing brilliant colour and increased yields.

The ingredients include:

  • a rich blend of organic compost
  •  composted chicken and cow manure
  • blood and bone
  • gypsum
  • fish meal
  • seaweed extract
  • iron
  • zeolite
  • trace elements
  • humates.

All these ingredients combine to create a balanced nutrient rich growing environment to ensure spectacular growth. Rocky Point Mulching’s Active 8 can be used on all types of garden beds, but is specifically designed for preparing vegetable gardens. It can also be used as a planting mix for veggies or other trees and shrubs.

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