landscaping accessories

Landscaping Fabrics and Textiles are an extremely important ingredient for many soft and hard landscaping projects including Paving, Retaining Walls and under ground covers.

Our Landscaping Fabrics

Geotextile or Bidim

Geotextile landscaping fabrics, often referred to ad Bidim is a synthetic Non Woven, Needle-Punched Polyester landscaping fabric commonly used for filtration and erosion control in both domestic and commercial landscaping situations. We stock Grade A12 Bidim at Centenary Landscaping Supplies, suitable for most Landscaping applications such as water filtration for behind retaining walls and used in conjunction with drainage gravel and agricultural pipe. Other grades of fabric are available to order by the full roll. If you have a specific erosion control requirement, ask our sales staff what geotextile landscaping fabrics are right for you.

Weed Mat

Weed control landscaping fabrics commonly called Weed Mat or Weed Stop are perfect for use in any area where you wish to cut out all weed growth. Commonly used under large area ground cover such as Decorative Pebbles. Always remember that weeds can still germinate in the covering layer of Pebble or Mulch, so some maintenance will still be required. It is not recommended to use weed matting under mulch in active garden beds as this can sour the soil, in those situations, Mulch Mat or even old newspaper is recommended.

Mulch Mat

Mulch mat is a biodegradable, soft fabric perfect to use in areas where a permanent membrane is not required. Such as under mulch in active garden beds where soil and fertiliser will need to be applied over time.

Thick Plastic

Thick plastic is a 200um (micrometers) thick plastic builders film commonly used under concrete slabs. Available in a 50m x 2m roll or to purchase by the metre. Although it is tempting to use this product as a weed suppression membrane under pebbles or gravel in the garden, it is not recommended. It may cause sitting water under the gravel. In this situation we always recommend weed mat.