Driveway using Eco Hex and the unique hexagonal structure of Eco Hex under a gravel path.

Unfortunately, EcoHex is no longer available. Please see alternative gravel stabilisation products here.

Why use EcoHex Gravel Stabilization Panels?

  • The hexagonal plastic cells give a stable, eco-friendly surface, which won’t rut or spread like loose gravel.
  • Stabilized gravel is an economical pavement compared with other solid materials.
  • Eco Hex gravel panels give a stable surface which is good for wheelie bins, bikes, prams and wheel chairs.
  • The lightweight sheets are easily installed by unskilled labour (great for DIY projects).
  • Eco Hex COREgravel panels are made from ecologically responsible recycled plastic.
  • An Eco Hex gravel path is a security aid – try walking silently on gravel at night!
  • Stabilized Eco Hex gravel is a 100% porous pavement so water does not pond on it after rain.
  • An Eco Hex gravel pavement is an attractive, natural surface which doesn’t reflect light and heat like solid surfaces.
  • Eco Hex Gravel is a 100% porous surface so it returns rain to the water table rather than allowing it to run off to drainage. This minimizes drainage and helps the environment.


Product Code Explanation

The product codes consist of 2 numbers which help identify the sheets. The first number (the largest of the 2) is the measure of width in millimetres of the individual hexagon that makes up the larger sheet. The second number (the smaller of the 2) is the measure of thickness of the sheet. For example, Eco Hex CP 38-18 – the width of the hexagons are 38mm and the thickness of the sheet is 18mm. For this reason it is recommended that a pebble no bigger the 12mm is used in order to get good depth coverage.