Landscaping & Gardening Accessories

At Centenary Landscaping, we stock a wide range of landscaping and garden accessories suitable for DIY projects, professional landscaping businesses, contractors and more. Whether you’re planning on adding a small herb garden to your patio or adorning your front yard with a concrete retaining wall, you’ll find the gardening accessories you need at Centenary.

DIY garden accessories

Consider yourself quite the handyman? We offer everything you need to complete your DIY project all under one roof.

Landscaping and garden accessories are the silent heroes of landscaping construction, helping a garden to function, or offering a pleasing visual effect. From grids that stabilise your gravel through to insecticides and herbicides to keep your garden pest free, Centenary Landscaping has you covered.

Some of our most popular landscaping accessories include:

Garden Edging

To edge your garden beds in style, take a look at some of the edging products we have available, including timber, concrete, metal, rock and more. These products slot easily into any design and will instantly elevate your garden with a professional finish.


Gravel Stabilisation

Gravel is a wonderful material to use for gardens and driveways, though the traditional way of laying down gravel can cause a number of problems. Gravel stabilisation grids can stop gravel from migrating or causing potholes and ruts. These grids don’t require any special skills for installation and will not be visible when laid down.


Landscaping Fabrics

Landscaping fabrics have a multitude of uses and make an important ingredient in many landscaping projects including retaining walls and paving. For example, our weed mats are a popular choice for laying down decorative pebbles or areas where weed growth needs to be suppressed.


Fertilisers & Chemicals

Our fertilisers and chemicals are vital to keeping a garden healthy and strong. You can find fertilisers, insecticides, weed killers and more when you shop for landscaping accessories with Centenary.


Landscaping supplies Australia

For your one stop shop for landscaping accessories and supplies, browse Centenary Landscaping today. If you’d like advice on what products or tools to use or can’t find the gardening accessories you’re looking for on our site, give us a call on 3373 4999 for any questions. Or drop us a line via our online contact form and a friendly member of our staff will be in touch soon.