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If you are laying a concrete slab or footing for a retaining wall then there will be a requirement to use reinforcing. Whether it be sheets of reinforcing mesh, lengths of trench mesh for footings or deformed bar for wall construction, Centenary Landscaping Supplies can help you out.

Traditionally, reinforcing sheets are unruly and hard to lift, load and strap down. At Centenary Landscaping Supplies, we stock a more user-friendly ute mesh option. Ute mesh is sized 4 metres by 2 metres and is designed to easily fit within the dimensions of a standard ute. The 4-metre length also allows easier single person lifting on-site.

We stock Ute Mesh 62, 6 metre 200mm x 8mm trench mesh for all your footing requirements and deformed bar (Dbar or Dform) in an easy to handle 3-metre length.

What Mesh Do I Need

  • Paving for a Patio, Garden Shed or Pathway – standard Ute Mesh 62 is generally sufficient
  • Applications For Domestic Vehicle Traffic – Ute Mesh 62 (a higher grade mesh may be required depending on the traffic. Engineering advice might be required before proceeding.)
  • Crossovers: Usually 7mm (RF72)
  • House Slabs: 7mm or 8mm. (RF72 or RF82)
  • Slabs For Water Tanks: Usually 6 or 7mm (Ute Mesh 62 or RF72)

The codes used to distinguish reinforcing mesh refer to the Australian Standards.  The first number refers to the diameter of the steel (5, 6, 7 & 8 all refer to mm). The second number (2) refers to the grid size, in this case 2 is 200mm or 20 cm. So Ute Mesh 62 features 6mm bar in a 200mm square grid.