Concrete Blend

If concrete is needed for a project and getting in a truck full of premix isn’t practical, then it will need to be blended on site. So what does that entail? Well, the good news is that at Centenary Landscaping Supplies, we have sand/gravel mixed to the correct ratio ready to go. This product is known as Concrete Blend and all you need to add is cement and water to make concrete.

As with all materials, if you need a hand in working out the volume required, then give us a call at the office remembering that you can buy Concrete Blend in any volume you require, from a shovel to truckload load.

Concrete Blend is a straightforward mix of coarse sand and 10mm aggregate and is light brown in appearance. With the addition of cement, the finished product is a standard concrete grey.

When calculating the volume of concrete blend required for a new slab, path or post hole always allow for a little bit of shrinkage, as when water is added and all the voids are filled the total volume of the mix is slightly less.  For example, if the exact mathematical volume needed is 2.3m3, then closer to 2.5m3 would be needed. Plus, there’s nothing worse than running one barrow short of concrete.

As a general rule of thumb, you will need 16 bags of cement (20kg) to go with every cubic metre of concrete blend (1 cubic metre of blend weighs 1.8 Tonne).  This equates to roughly 16 mixes in a 2.2 cubic foot mixer, which would be roughly 16-20 barrow loads. Now you know what you’re in for!

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