Close up image of fencing timber used in a backyard fence.


Treated Timber Fencing

A staple bordering most properties throughout South-East Queensland, the simple paling fence is fast in construction, cost-effective and creates a perfect privacy screen between properties. The most common construction method these days is hardwood posts coupled with pine rails and flat-top palings, all treated with common CCA treatment. For privacy, consider a 1.8-metre option with minimal spacing between palings.

Don’t forget when ordering your fencing supplies to include your footing and fixing materials, which can be delivered with your timber. These include Concrete Blend and Cement products.

Most boundary fences in Brisbane are covered under the Neighbourhood Disputes (Dividing Fences and Trees) Act 2011Most boundary fence applications are considered shared property and therefore should be a shared cost between both neighbouring parties. There are some exclusions including where there is boundary line retaining wall and where the boundary fence acts as a pool fence. Check out the Brisbane City Council’s website for more information.  

Fencing is a DIY friendly project, for a step-by-step guide on how to build a timber paling fence, check out our DIY Section here.

All timber sold at Centenary Landscaping Supplies is treated. Our fencing timber has been treated using the common CCA method. This stands for Copper, Chrome and Arsenic (CCA) and protects the sleepers from both fungal attack (rotting) and insect attack (termites). Copper is the fungicide, Chrome the insecticide, and Arsenic is the fixing agent that holds the chemicals in the wood.

Levels of treatment

There are different amounts of treatment applied to the timber depending on what it is being used for and it is very important that the timber you buy is treated to the level required for the job at hand. When building a fence, some of the timber will be in contact with the ground and therefore has to have a treatment grading of “H4”. The gradings are:

  • H3 ….  Exterior use but above ground (e.g. fence rails and palings, pergolas, etc.)
  • H4 ….  Exterior use in ground (e.g. retaining walls and fence posts)
  • H5 ….  In contact with water (e.g. jetty or pontoon)

The Complete Package

When building a fence you will need to concrete the posts into the ground and fix the rails to the posts and at Centenary Landscaping Supplies, you can order the lot in one place and have it delivered to your home making the whole process easy for you. (Nail guns and their nails need to be sourced from a Hire Company.)




Timber Fencing Video

If you’re planning on new fence, a treated timber paling fence could be the perfect option. Check out this DIY video for some handy tips to get your project going.

Planning on DIY’ing? Check out our DIY guides here.

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Treated Timber Fencing

Fence PostsLengthWidthDepth
CCA Treated Hardwood2.4m100mm75mm
Fence RailsLengthWidthDepth
CCA Treated Pine             4.8m75mm38mm
Fence PalingsLengthWidthDepth
CCA Treated Pine Flat Top1.2m100mm15mm

Buying treated timber can be tricky… even for professionals. Sometimes you can’t be certain how much you need to complete the job. That’s why at Centenary Landscaping Supplies we will help you calculate what is required and will take back or exchange any fencing timber that is not needed, provided it is resalable.