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Use decorative pebbles to add texture to your garden

Centenary Landscaping Supplies stocks the largest range of decorative pebble and gravel in Brisbane

The natural beauty of decorative pebble, stone and gravel allows them to be used in many applications throughout the garden. In fact, even if you have a large area that needs to be landscaped and are working to a budget, then decorative pebble is one of the most economical ways to go, as pebbles are extremely low maintenance and long lasting.

Centenary Landscaping Supplies stocks a huge range decorative stone including river pebbles sourced both locally and from interstate, crushed gravels such as sandstone, limestone and Bluestone. Whether you’re looking for a ground cover for the garden, a decorative finish for a stepping stone path, or a crushed rock for a driveway, we have the decorative pebble to suit your needs.

We source decorative pebbles from as far afield as Victoria in the south and Lightning Ridge to the west and this doesn’t include the imported bagged pebbles which originate from throughout Asia including Indonesia, China and India. Together our huge range makes us one of the largest suppliers of decorative pebble in SEQ.

Drop into the Centenary Landscaping Supplies yard at 26 Sumners Road, Darra 4076 or check out our range in the online store.


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Choosing the right pebble for your garden

If you’re trying to determine the best decorative pebble for your project, a great place to start is our online store. However, it’s still a great idea to drop into our yard and see them in the “flesh”. This will allow you to view real colour and sizing to help you make your selection.

When selecting a decorative pebble or gravel you must consider a number of things. Are you looking for a ground cover in a garden bed, to cover an expansive area which will be walked on, a driveway where cars will frequent or park? The specific application will dictate your choice. Decorative gravel is generally recommended for driveways or parking bays, as the sharper, angular facets will lock together better under the weight of heavy vehicles.

For walkway areas, a rounded river pebble would be the best choice. The rounded softer edges will be easier to walk on and generally in these more “feature” areas, decorative pebbles add a great visual effect. Once again, smaller decorative pebbles will much easier to walk on.

When matching your pebble or gravel choice to your existing landscape design, consider other fixed materials such your house brick or render colour, gutter or roof colour and paver or concrete colours. White and Black choices such as Winter Grey, Tenterfield Pearl or Cream Quartz can offer a stark contrast with existing landscape design elements, or products such as Nambucca River Pebble can be very complimentary to many colour palettes. Are your decorative pebbles going to be a feature or blend into the existing natural landscape?

Whether you need pebbles for a fish aquarium, a bonsai tree or to cover the whole backyard it can be done. You can purchase anywhere from one shovel to a full truckload or even two! At Centenary Landscaping Supplies in Darra, we have a dedicated yard team that are available to fill your trailer and shovel bags or alternatively, the sales team can arrange a delivery at your convenience.

If you are unsure how to work out the quantity of stone required, call us or drop in with some measurements of the area and we will be able to work it out for you. Sometimes it’s just handy to get a second opinion. You don’t want to end up short or with too much!

As a rough guide, if you are using the stones for a pathway we recommend that they are laid approximately 50mm deep which means that one cubic metre will cover 20 square metres (e.g. 10m x 2m).

So you have the right quantity organised and your “friends” or kids are available to help out. What else is there to consider? Perhaps the most important is the use of a Weed Control Matting underneath the pebbles. As well as preventing or minimising the growth of unwanted weeds through the pebbles, the Weed Mat acts as a barrier between the valuable stones and the top soil or dirt underneath. Without it, the stone will be slowly pressed into the top soil and before too long the top soil starts to work its way to the finished surface.

It’s important to use a porous Weed Mat material NOT simply black plastic as this won’t allow for drainage and can lead to sitting water.

Depending on the situation, creating a defined edge for your pebbled area will help finish it off and if it’s near a garden bed or grass it will also stop the topsoil or grass from contaminating the stone. A perfect product for this is our Link Edge Aluminium garden edging. Again, if measurements and quantities are not your areas of expertise, give us a call to discuss how much edging you will need.

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