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Bulka Bags Brisbane– bulk haulage bag

Bulka bags are fast becoming the preferred method of bulk product delivery on many commercial projects around South-East Queensland. With the highrise boom in full swing, Bulka bags are the most effective means for product delivery, storage, and movement on tight urban job sites, minimising waste and site mess while allowing for easy and efficient site storage.

All of our bulk landscape products can be delivered via our palletised heavy duty Australian Standard Bulka bags. These are large lightweight woven polypropylene Bulka bags capable of holding up to 1m3 or 1.5 tonne. Once onsite, these can be handled by crane, hyab, forklift, barge or helicopter. Our bags feature a fully open top with flap and 4 white cross corner loops for lifting and are sized at 90cm (W) x 90cm (D) x 120cm (H).

Delivery will occur via our fleet of mounted forklift trucks, or for tighter access, deliveries can be arranged on our small fleet or tip style delivery vehicles (a crane will be required on-site for unloading).

The benefits of Bulka bags on a building site 

Bulka bags are perfect for awkward, tight or restricted jobsites and can offer effective time and cost savings. Our team will require at least 24-hours notice to fulfill your Bulka bag requirements and for larger projects we recommend you speak directly with our Trade Specialists to organise your requirements.

Bulka bags advantages include: 

  • Multi use Bulka bags are recyclable and reusable.
  • Multipurpose packaging options to transport a wide arrange of materials.
  • Sturdy and built to last as straps are unlikely to break under pressure.

Where we deliver Bulka bags

Centenary Landscaping Supplies, coupled with the specialised services of our sister company Connect Truckers, offers the very best Bulka bag services in South-East Queensland. We have been involved in a number of notable developments in recent times supplying over 10,000 Bulka bags to projects across the South-East during the 2016-2017 financial year including Westfield Chermside, Westfield Mount Gravatt, Indooroopilly Shopping town, Gold Coast Hospital, 1 William Street, Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Villiage and Gold Coast Hospital, all of which a vast majority of our product was bagged, palletised and delivered.

Speak with the Centenary Landscaping Team about Bulka bag soil and landscaping supplies Brisbane wide by calling (07) 3373 4999.

Bulka bag FAQ’s

What size do Bulka bags come in?

Bulka bags are available in all different sizes, ours are 120cm (H) x 90cm (W) x 90com (D) and hold 1 cubic metre or a maximum or 1.5 tonne.

Are Bulka bags waterproof?

Bulka bags are typically not waterproof, as they’re designed to carry around solid material such as garden soils, woodchips or sand. There are some measures you can take to improve the water proofing of your Bulka Bag – such as using an internal poly liner – but this won’t offer 100% water proofing. If you need to transport liquid, it’s recommended you use a product designed to hold liquid i.e. bulk containers.

Can I store my Bulka bag outside?

You can store your Bulka bag outside, but polypropylene bags can start to fray and split if left in the elements for too long. It’s best keeping your Bulka bags inside a shed or garage if you want them to last.

 How many times can I use my Bulka bag?

Bulka bags are available in both single and mutli trip use. As the name suggests, a single trip Bulka bag is designed to be used once. This includes being lifted and filled for a few times during one trip. Multi trip Bulka bags have no set number of times they can be used but will last longer if cared for properly.

 Bulka bags Brisbane

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