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Soil & Potting Mix

Choosing a good soil is fundamental as it will make up the foundation of your landscaped gardens for many years to come. After spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on plants or turf it’s essential to ensure that your investment is protected with the best possible start. Now you can choose from our new UltraGrow Collection of exceptional science-based landscape soils and growing media free of liquid & green waste. Alternatively, select from our traditional waste-based range of soils.

The new UltraGrow™ Collection of soils and potting mixes are manufactured by Centenary Landscaping Supplies while redefining soils and offers a quality alternative to recycled waste-based products.

Waste Based Soils


Basic Waste based manufactured soil comprises the majority of growing media sold throughout South-East Queensland and Australia. These soils use significant high levels of recycled industrial and green waste materials as an ‘organic’ base with variations between manufacturers.

Potting Mix


The UltraGrow™ range of container mixes redefines bulk supplied growing media and offers a superior alternative to the low grade bagged material often comprised of inconsistent recycled waste products.



Landscaping Construction Material

Landscaping Construction Materials provide the strength and structure for your project. Whether you’re laying a new concrete pathway, setting up a fence post, erecting a retaining wall or laying new pavers here you will find all the essential products required for a successful project.

Cement & Premixed Products

Cement is the “glue” that makes the Sands and Concrete Blends work as intended and set hard.

Concrete Blends

A solid concrete footing provides the foundation to most landscaping projects.

Meadowstone Blocks

Drainage Gravels

A range of sizes and product lines to provide a solution for all drainage situations.

Filling & Compacting Materials

Provide strength and structure under paving or in filling applications.

Reinforcing Products

The bones of a strong building or concreting project!


Sand for use in mortar, concrete, under paving and general fill.

Stormwater Management

Storm water management and drainage is a step the must not be skipped.


Landscaping Accessories

Landscaping accessories refer to the range of products that often go unnoticed in great landscape construction. From filtration fabrics behind retaining wall or under pebble mulch through to the fertilisers and herbicides that keep your lawn green and healthy. All essential components of a successful landscaping project and shouldn’t be left out!

Garden Edging

Huge range of concrete, clay and aluminium perfect for edging a garden.

Gravel Stabilisation

Add strength and stability to your pebble ground cover for pathways and driveways.

Landscaping Fabrics

Fabrics are used for weed suppression, erosion control and filtration purposes.

Fertilisers & Chemicals

Keep the garden healthy and the weeds and pests at bay.


Turf & Grass Selection

A green lawn is the icing on the cake when it comes to landscaping around your home or project.  Now you can select from a wide variety of top quality turf species, both living and synthetic. We’ve got you covered for every application, from full sun to mostly shade, we can source you an appropriate turf variety that will add value to your home and lifestyle.

Synthetic turf has come a long way in recent times, with a huge selection from short to long pile it is the most realistic looking turf short of the real thing. Take a read through the guide below for more information or drop into our yard to see our huge living and synthetic displays.

Living Turf

Living Turf offers the perfect finishing touch in any garden design!

Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf offers a low maintenance solution & environmentally friendly option for the conscious gardener.


Decorative Pebbles, Gravel & Rock

Decorative Pebbles, Gravels and Rock regularly feature in landscape design and construction. Decorative stone makes for the perfect ground cover in garden beds as mulch, pathways, driveways and areas around the house where a something just a bit more “pretty” then bark or mulch is required. With the ever expanding and wide range of Decorative Pebble options available on the market it’s no wonder, you can now choose almost any colour of the rainbow!

Gravel is the unsung hero in most landscape construction. Used behind retaining walls for drainage, on driveways, in concrete mixes, and the list goes on. Take a look through the categories of decorative pebble, gravel and large landscape rock below.

Bulk Decorative Pebble & Gravel

Bulk Decorative Pebble and Gravel can add essential colour and texture to any design!

Imported, Bagged Pebble & Gravel

Perfect for water features, pots and garden feature areas!

Meadowstone Blocks

Drainage Gravels

A range of sizes and product lines to provide a solution for all drainage situations.

Rock & Boulders

Feature rocks in the front garden, a rockery around the pool or some garden edging.

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