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Potting Mixes

Ultragrow Potting & Podium Mixes

We’ve changed the game by redefining the soil and potting market.

From the very beginning in 1986 Centenary Landscaping Supplies has focused on supplying the very best range of soils.

It was then I developed our first blended soil known as Special Blend Garden Soil. At that time, Special Blend was so different to anything available on the market it became a top seller while I was advised no one would buy it.

Once again in 2018, we are working diligently with topsoil suppliers and manufacturers, soil scientists and industry professionals to expand our range and set new standards with waste-free soils and potting mixes.

Choosing a good soil is fundamental as it will make up the foundation of your landscaped gardens for many years to come.

After spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on plants or turf it’s essential to ensure that your investment is protected with the best possible start.

Now you can choose from our new UltraGrow Collection of exceptional science-based landscape soils and growing media free of liquid & green waste. This UltraGrow Collection is unique to Centenary and uncompromised in quality and performance so you can be confident that the soil you choose will really work.

Terry O’Shea, Centenary Group Director

Centenary Group Director


The UltraGrow™ range of container mixes redefines bulk supplied growing media and offers a superior alternative to the low grade bagged material often comprised of inconsistent recycled waste products. The growing medium is the absolute foundation to a good plant health, making the UltraGrow Range the new benchmark in this space.

Ultragrow Platinum Potting Mix

Platinum Potting Mix is suitable for use in pots, podiums, green wall and green roof installations and can be modified to meet specification.

Platinum Potting Mix is a Professional Premium Grade growing media formulation. It contains biological organic based products and natural rock substrates, designed for use in a variety of circumstances including indoor pots, podiums, containers, green roof and green wall growing applications.

Because it is similar to our Podium formula it is suitable for podium applications. It’s boosted biological organic based ingredients combining long-lasting sustainable media organic rock substrates that do not slump while containing enough nutrients to feed and maintain plant health for up to 16-months.

It also contains environmentally sustainable organic wetting agents like UltraGrow Moisture Balancer and blinded with conditioners, cation exchange enhancers and bio-chars that prevent leaching of nutrients into the environment.

This quite simply is the best potting mix you can buy in small and large quantities alike, made without compromise.


  • Fully composted bark fines,
  • Enriched compost,
  • Rock minerals,
  • Seaweed concentrate,
  • Blood and bone,
  • Cation exchangers enhancers/Biochar
  • Composted animal manure,
  • Fish meal,
  • Bio-inoculants like Bacillus subtilise
  • Clay breakers,
  • Biogenic silica,
  • Humic compounds,
  • Worm casts,
  • pH stabilisers
  • Long-term soil wetting agents,
  • Aquafix 
  • Moisture Balancer

Application Key

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Sufficient fertilisers and additives included in the mix to feed for up to 3-months.


Sufficient fertilisers and additives included in the mix to feed for up to 6-months.


Sufficient fertilisers and additives included in the mix to feed for up to 9-months.


Recommended for edible gardens such a vegetable patches and fruiting shrubs trees.


This soil is suitable for most general gardening applications from top soiling an existing bed through to establishing a new garden from scratch.


Recommended for use under rolled turf and seeding applications.


Recommended for use as a top dressing soil over existing lawns.


Suitable for all potted plant applications.


Suitable for large containers and podium level gardens.


Suitable for large fill applications where are higher quality topsoil will be used for planting.


Suitable for use as a base or starter soil for custom mixes. The addition of compost and fertilisers recommended.


The addition of specific fertilisers and additives recommended for improved results.


Water retention additive has been included in the mix for a more water-wise garden.

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