Introducing Your New Destination for Pots, Planters and Features for your garden. Our new range of pots and planters have been carefully selected to offer you a choice of unique and hard to find style and design from large stone type feature pots through to vibrant coloured glazed pots.

Terrazzo Lite Pots & Planters

The Terrazzo Lite range of pots, bowls and planters are the perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor garden or planting feature. This unique product is super light and extremely strong and durable. With the look and feel of honed terrazzo stone, they are of modern design integrity and slot perfectly into designs that require clean lines and simple bold colours.

Fibrestone Pots & Planters (GRC – Glass reinforced concrete)

With modern design styling, light weight, weatherproof and strength characteristics these pots are sure to impress. Hand made in a traditional manner with fibreglass re-enforcment and strengthened with stone grid in a proportion of 35-65% the outside the pots gets a 100% natural appearance. Each item has its own individual character and will be sure to complement modern and traditional design alike.


The urbanLITE collection features a range of lightweight designer planters for today’s urban environment. Designed for functionality, these pieces are made using a unique combination of clay and fibreglass, making them durable and easy to manoeuvre .

Ancient Stone Pots & Features

Brand new, but look like they date back thousands of years from the lost city of Atlantis. The Ancient range of pots, urns, jars and water features make for an amazing addition to any design. Create dreamlike designs with this ancient rustic finish. The patina ranges from white through to toasted shades with occasional hints of blue and greens.

“Old Stone” Sandblasted Pots & Planters

The “Old Stone” look is a unique heavily textured sandblasted finish made from high temperature fired clay. With bold styles and a strong finish, the Old Stone Range will be certain to add rich earthy tones and textures to your garden design.

Glazed Rustic Pots & Planters

The Glazed Rustic look is a unique texture which will add depth and interest to any garden setting. Available in a variety of bold, deep and rich colours including Blue, Cream, Green and Red. The Glazed Rustic range is a alternative take on the traditional glazed pot.

Traditional Glazed Pots

Traditional glazed pots are a dime a dozen, available from almost every garden outlet. Here at Centenary Landscaping Supplies we have carefully selected our glazed pots to offer something different with bold, bright colours and quirky designs to enrich your landscape design, both indoors and out.

Limestone Pots & Features

The Limestone range of pots, planters and features are hand-made in beautiful adages and earthy finishes of white, yellow and copper and are fired in low temperature kilns.  The low temperatures can often cause non-structural cracks which are then hand finished. This adds perfectly the the aged, ancient look. These pots, planters and urns are beautiful features in large gardens and offer a truly unique feel. They are perfect for water features.

Antique Terracotta Pots & Features

A different take on standard Terracotta pots. These pots are hand made employing similar techniques and design used for centuries. The clay has a high mineral content which results in a pleasing light sand colour as well as being highly durable and strong. These pots will age beautifully as they slowly release mineral salts that add the their individuality, texture and colour. This is all part of the natural ageing process for a terracotta pot, and if allowed to age over many years it will develop a beautiful patina.

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