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Edenstone Masonry’s creation of quality pavers are unsurpassed. These large format pavers and complementary range are essential to outdoor living with style. Where product excellence and style are vital, Edenstone Masonry pavers are superior.

The Edenstone Paving Range

Limestone: Contemporary and pristine, imagine extending smooth and streamline interior effects to your outdoor living place. Limestone pavers can enhance your own creativity with a range exceeding expectations in size, colour and style.

Travertine: Surround yourself with the natural beauty of Travertine. The classic texture of Travertine will display timeless presentation and complete your home with a finish that portrays harmony and the element of nature.

Rivenstone: Greet yourself each day with style that reflects the outdoor haven you have created.  A design using Rivenstone pavers can be personalised to suit your needs, embracing the lifestyle that you desire.

Cobbles: From classic stone-paved roads to outdoor environments demanding a traditional yet stylish finish, Cobbles can complete areas with smart design.  Predominantly used as a border, creativity expands when setting a centrepiece with this magnificent range.

So How Do I Choose Which Paver will suit my situation?

  • By looking through the “Paver Summary Guide” below you can see which pavers will suit a particular application, e.g. pathways.
  • Once you have decided which styles are right for your job – click on the “range” on the right hand side of the screen to see what colours are available.
  • Ring the sales office on 3373 4900 or visit the full display centre where you can see the pavers in the flesh and take one home as a sample to see how it looks in its intended setting.

Paver Summary Guide

Edenstone Available Colours:

Paver TypeSize (mm)Application
Limestone Pavers
200 x 400 x 40mm
400 x 400 x 40mm
500 x 500 x 40mm
600 x 600 x 45mm
Travertine Pavers
500 x 500 x 40mm
Limestone Pavers
600 x 300 x 45mm
Rivenstone Pavers
400 x 200 x 40mm
400 x 400 x 40mm
Cobbles100 x 100 x 40mm

Edenstone Pavers Photo Gallery

Edenstone Pavers have a huge range for any situation. We’ve put together a gallery here for you to show some of the versatile ways you can use Edenstone with your outdoor projects.


The colours shown should be taken as indicative. They are as close as photographic processing and computer monitors allow. Decisions on colour should be made from actual product.
Tonal variation
Colour tonal and shade variations are an expected part of all natural stone and man-made pavers including concrete pavers. These subtle colour variations between pavers add interest and life to a finished pavement.
There can be small variations from paver to paver, batch to batch and therefore from samples to pavers. Because of water absorption and concrete curing pavers can sometimes lighten a little over time and darker markings may occur.