Concrete Steppers (Precast Concrete Steppers)

concrete steppers
There are certain areas of our gardens that will be used as walkways more often than others, whether this is due to the lay of the land, the location of your designated entertaining area and usage areas in your garden, or simply because it’s an easy thoroughfare.  If your lawn is suffering from overuse, laying a stepping stone or concrete steppers path is a quick solution to keeping your lawn in great shape, while adding a feature to your yard.

Concrete Garden Steptreads (concrete steppers) are a fantastic way to add stepping stones to your garden. Whether you choose the plain finish, the exposed stone, or the natural rustic products, you can achieve a great look for a moderate price.

In many cases people are looking to use a decorative pebble to cover an area but need to create a walkway through it. At our Darra yard, we not only have all the different types of slabs you can use but we have all the pebbles on display so you can even put concrete steppers “in” the bay of pebbles to see which one will be the best match. If it means taking a sample of pebbles home then that can be arranged.

If you are not sure how to lay them, please read the information on the DIY- Garden Stepping Stones in our Landscaping Blog for some tips and ideas. Straight into grass or surrounded by bark or pebbles, concrete steppers save your lawn from wear and tear, and make lovely pathways to walk on throughout your yard.