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New Business Software

A Game changing system upgrade

We are thrilled to announce that on the 1st of December 2023 we will be launching our biggest system improvement ever. 
Our new fully integrated sales system will give us the up-to-date tools we need to turbo-charge the quality and speed of our services on your projects.
A taste of what to expect:
  • Your own business portal to view invoices, orders, quotes and more!
  • Increased data security
  • Advanced paperless systems
Important change to Credit Card Payments: Protecting your data
Fraud is becoming a bigger problem these days, and to ensure we’re doing the right thing we’re shifting the way we process your credit card payments in a big way. 
From December 1st we will no longer be taking credit card payments over the phone. But don’t worry, we have more ways than ever for you to pay to ensure you get your deliveries on time. 
Payments will be securely handled by our integrated payments partner Adyen – fast becoming one of the biggest payment providers globally. 
Pay by link
From December 1st,  unpaid orders will be accompanied by a payment link. Simply click the link and enter your card details into the secure gateway. This ensures you keep control of your card at all times.
On site and don’t have access to your email? No problems – we can SMS the payment link directly to your phone in seconds. Tap the link and pay in seconds.
Customer Portal
Finally, we have a new customer portal service where you can securely save your card details so that future payments are a breeze and you can easily lookup all past invoices, outstanding quotes and more.
We wanted to launch much earlier in the year and we know December isn’t the best time, but we wanted to ensure our solution was as close to perfection as possible.
New systems are incredibly challenging to implement so we expect some early bumps along the way. We appreciate your patience while we get used to the new system.
We are confident that it won’t take long. 


Why are you changing?
This transition marks a significant step forward from our traditional on-premises software, offering enhanced reliability, scalability, and accessibility. With this change, you can expect improved efficiency in our services, as the new system allows for real-time data access, streamlined processes, and better integration capabilities. Our commitment to providing the best possible service remains our top priority, and this upgrade is a key part of our ongoing efforts to improve and innovate. We understand that change can bring questions, and we are here to support you through this transition, ensuring a seamless and positive experience.
What are the main changes we should expect?

As we transition to our new cloud-based ERP system, here are the key changes you can anticipate:

  1. Document Formats: You'll notice a change in the format of the documents we share with you. These new formats are designed to be more user-friendly and easily accessible, ensuring you get the information you need in a more efficient and streamlined manner.
  2. Data Accessibility: We're introducing an online portal that will allow you to access your data anytime, anywhere. This means greater flexibility for you to view, manage, and interact with your information on-the-go, without the constraints of traditional office hours or location.
  3. Enhanced Communications: Expect improved communication channels, including faster responses and more interactive tools for support and information exchange. Our goal is to make your experience with us as smooth and responsive as possible.

These changes are part of our commitment to offer you a more efficient, reliable, and user-friendly service. We appreciate your patience and support as we make these improvements.

What will change on your invoices?

In the transition you will notice some changes to our document templates. Most importantly, the Tax Invoice. Here's what to look out for:

  • A4 Format full colour PDF format
  • Invoice sequence – INV/YEAR/INVOICE NUMBER
  • Unit of measure is now included in the quantity field
  • Bill of material (BOM) products such as bulka bagged product are now a single line item
  • We have added an ex GST unit price and tax calculation to each line.
  • Standardised fields for your purchasing information.

If you would like to see a sample invoice, reach out the the team below.

I have special needs on my invoices, can you still offer that service?

Yes we can! Your customer file has a prompt which we can use to communicate to sales staff what you expect on your invoices. Any information that isn’t staff ordering, delivery address or your purchase order number can be added to the field called “Reference”.

There is plenty of space for work order number, payroll number, project name or anything else you want to know to help you approve our invoices.

Please let the team know of any special requirements.

Can I get an examples of the new invoices?

You might be concerned about document scanning and automations your company employs to handle invoicing. We are more than happy to supply a sample invoice or replicate a real invoice you’ve already received in our test environment.

If you have an example you’d like to see for comparison – all the better!

How do I get access to my customer portal?

Access is by invitation. Please let us know which email address and person you wish to have access to the portal and we will send an invitation link once our software launches.


Just click the link and follow the prompts.

Can I update my details directly in the portal?
Yes! But only simple fields like email, phone number and address. Your name and portal email login needs to be handled by us.
Send us an email to make major changes to your account.
A short video can be viewed at here.
How do I lookup my documents?
Simply login to your portal and select the document you want to view. 
A short video can be viewed at here.
How can I pay for an order?

Unpaid orders are in the quotation section. Select the document you want to pay for, sign off on it if it hasn’t been approved yet and then select pay now.

You can also pay for quotes by clicking the “Pay now” link provided with your quote email.

A short video can be viewed at here.
Can I ask a question in the customer portal?
Yes! Just select the document you want to talk about and write your comment in the text box. Your salesperson will see your message as an email and get back to you soon.
A short video can be viewed at here.

Reach out for more information.

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