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The New Black Label Growing Media

Gardeners spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars sourcing and purchasing the best quality and well-established plants to finish off their gardening projects. And why not? Plants are the icing on the cake; the final visual decoration that sets off all the hard work and design. When it comes to selecting a soil, the medium in which these highly valuable plants are expected to thrive, little emphasis is placed on sourcing an equally high quality or performing growing media.

Most soil and potting mix products on the market are manufactured using a variety of recycled materials including industrial & green waste mixed together to create a product that sets out to meet the low standards defined by AS 4419 and 3743 respectively.

These ingredients are used sourced and used for 2 reasons. The first is price, recycled products are processed and sourced cheaply and can be manipulated into solid growing media ingredients fast and easily. The second is disposal, a number of manufacturers are also involved in the waste recycling industry. The waste streams are taken as a secondary source of income.

Though a valuable source of cheap ingredients and thought to be environmentally friendly most experts now question its extensive use as a means of disposal rather than creating an optimal growing medium for plants and turf. The problematic growth results speak for themselves. When designing and manufacturing garden soils, the growth performance, health and yield of the plant should be the primary focus.

Centenary Landscaping Supplies with the support of industry experts in the field of soil science and agronomy have been working tirelessly to source quality waste free ingredients to formulate the best possible growing media that far exceed any Australian Standard currently in use in the landscaping industry. The resulting products offer spectacular plant growth for you and your garden.

Black Label is an all new, bespoke growing media prepared exclusively on-site for Centenary Landscaping Supplies. A soil of this quality is not available anywhere else in the country.

It is scientifically blended from ideal components to create an industry leading growing media, free of liquid and green waste prevalent in most commercially availably soils. The mineral components form a diverse particle profile and complementary chemical spectrum, made from natural soils and Rock Minerals. Unlike green waste based organic soils, Black Label contains a high concentration of Microbial Inoculants which make the soil a living organism, primed for immediate plant establishment and growth.

Check out the full details in the video below or organise your next soil delivery by clicking here.

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