Link Edge™ Metal Garden Edging

Why use Link Edge? Because you want edging perfection! Link Edge let’s you design and shape your garden, pavers, driveways and other outdoor areas anyway you want. Link Edge is visually appealing, and has many other advantages over other edging techniques.

  • Cement : It’s a crack-up! Plus expensive to install, maintain and the looks? Hmm…
  • Wood : Rots, attracts pests and treated wood can contain nasty chemicals.
  • Plastic : Fades, cracks and do you really want that breaking down in your garden?
  • Steel : Rusts, develops sharp edges and is difficult to design with.

Why Use Garden Edging?

Whether it is to separate your lawn from your garden or a path, or two different garden areas, edging can help provide a nicer appearance and aesthetic benefits. It can also help control where the lawn stops which will save time on mowing and it can keep your mulch, soil or pebbles where they need to be too. Not only will you neaten your garden, but you can also provide a clear definition between sections and you can save time on mowing and maintaining your border areas.

  • Garden Edging Options

    There are many options out there to choose from made from plastic, wood, cement, rock or metal. Over time these can become a hazard or need to be replaced to get that crisp and clean look back. But is that true of all of them? Is there an option here which is better than the others?

  • Plastic Garden and Lawn Edging

    Did you know that plastic can corrode? Over time, sitting in the elements of our harsh Australian summer sun and cold frosty winters, plastic can break down and start to splinter, crack or just fall apart. While new it will give a nice appearance but given time it will need to be replaced. Depend on the quality of the product you use it may not even last a year.

  • Wood Garden and Lawn Edging

    There are many different types and styles used here from treated pine logs to railway sleepers. Again they can give a very nice appearance but over time the wood will rot. The chemicals that are used to help protect the wood don’t last forever, especially if the wood is party or fully buried in the ground.

  • Cement Garden and Lawn Edging

    A bit more of a permanent look and harder to replace. Cement can crack, fade or get damaged and then that look you were after is forever changed. If you decide to change your garden layout you will need to remove the cement and lay a new lot which is added cost once again. Even If you choose bricks or pavers which will allow an easier change of layout, can also crack, break or fade.

  • Rock Garden and Lawn Edging

    Rock, or stones, can give a nice informal or even ‘older’ appearance to your garden bed or edges. Depending on the size of the rock, you may need specialised equipment to move it or even need to sit it in cement to stop it from moving. Over time the rocks will chip or, in the case of sandstone, even fall apart. It may give you a nice natural look but again could cost you more in replacement pieces later on.

  • Metal Garden and Lawn Edging

    Very neat and defined lines can be found here but depending on what metal the edging is made from, could be a safety issue in time. Steel will rust or end up with sharp edges as will most other metals, or they will simply become discoloured and the look you were after will change. But one metal is different – aluminium!

  • Aluminium Garden and lawn Edging

    Unlike other products, Aluminium Garden Edging doesn’t crack, rot, fade, rust or develop sharp edges. It can be flexible so it is easy to design your garden layout with Aluminium Garden Edging. That is why we chose to make our edging product with aluminium!

  • Link Edge Garden Edging

    Available in different lengths and height profiles, with different strengths and shapes, Link Edge can do it all. It’s also flexible so curves appear seamless. Corner connectors are also available if you want to have a right-angled corner. For the higher profiles, spike guides are available to enhance the upright rigidity and the upper edge is curved so there are no sharp edges. Just take a look at our Ideas slider above to see just some of the many different ways Linkedge can be used in your garden.


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