Introducing the New Range of UltraGROW Soils

UltraGROW Soils from Centenary Landscaping Supplies

We are proud to introduce our new and improved range of UltraGROW Organic Garden and Turf Soils. The UltraGROW range available exclusively from Centenary Landscaping Supplies, together comprise the largest and most comprehensive Soil range available in the retail market. UltraGROW soils are sourced from the best manufacturers in South-East Queensland. These manufacturers are licensed to manufacture to the high standards we demand and we have worked closely with them to ensure the UltraGROW range truly are “Soils You Can Trust”.

All soils in the UltraGROW range are manufactured complying with AS4419 (Soils for Landscaping and Garden Use 2003). You can be confident that UltraGROW soils will nurture healthy plant growth with appropriate fertilising and be free of contaminants.

We are also excited and happy to introduce Organic Xtra Fertiliser which is now included with selected UltraGROW soil purchases of 1 Tonne of more at a rate of 5kg per Tonne. For our fantastic retail customers only.

The bottom line is, we really care about our soils and more specifically the results you achieve!

Have a browse of the new range here or learn more about Organic Xtra.

Happy Gardening!

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