Our Duty of Care

The following is provided in the best interests of you, our customer, and our staff.

Loading of Vehicles or Trailers

Customer are advised that no responsibility is accepted by Centenary Landscaping Supplies for any loss, damage or injury suffered as a result of loading or overloading vehicles or trailers with landscaping materials.

It is a condition of supply that customers are aware of any loading limits that apply to their vehicle or trailer and that they accept responsibility for any loss, damage or unjury suffered as a result of loading or overloading howsoever caused.

Hazardous Materials Warnings

Composts, potting mix and other organic gardening materials

These products are made from organic materials, including composted pine bark, and contains living microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi and protozoa. They may also contain mineral and fertiliser additives.


Inhalation of dust and/or liquid mists may irritate, inflame or sensitise the nose, throat and lungs resulting in illness ranging from hay fever or asthma, to pneumonia (e.g. Legionnaire’s disease) or pneumonia-like illnesses. Direct contact with this material or its dust and/or liquid mists (bioaerosols) may cause skin irritation (dermatitis) and skin or eye infection or irritation. People particularly at risk are those suffering from asthma or allergies, and those whose immune defines system are compromised.


Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Avoid breathing dust and/or liquid mists (bioaerosols). Weat spottable protective clothing and standard duty gloves when handing goods. (AS2161)

If exposed to dust and/or liquid mists, also wear dust resistant eye protection (AS/NZS 1336) and particulate respirator (AS/NZS 1715 and 1716). Wash thoroughly immediately after handling. Wash work clothes regularly. Clean up by sweeping or vacuuming. Store these products in cool locations.

First Aid

Irrigate eyes with plenty of water for 10 minutes. Wash skin with soap and water. Seek medical attention for any persistent skin, eye or reparatory symptoms.


Follow above safety precautions and collect in containers for disposal as trade waste in accordance with local authority guidelines.