I’ve moused up an order!

Meet Mouse!

from the desk of mouse

under the book shelf
terry osheas office
managing director
26 sumners road

Hi, mouse here again and im in trouble… i have been looking after the place at night and ive got a problem and i need your help…

You see the other night i was sitting in terrys chair snooping around on headbook or facemag, whatever it is called. i had my feet up on his desk and the phone rang so i pushed the handset off the thing and said hello and it was some guy with a great big huge order for all these treated pine sleepers and pavers.

so being a smart mouse i sent off the orders to the suppliers via email cause i can do that… and all the stuff has arrived in the yard.

but i moused up big time… i forgot to get the guys name and address so im hoping it might be you and even if its not there are all theses pine sleepers and pavers i got to move before terry the owner and richard the gm find out.

so do a mouse a favour will you and order these sleepers and pavers…you can see the deals in the specials section or give us a call on 1800 mouse, no wait 07 3373 4999.

i think they know someone is mousing around so they got a cat in to investigate but i have managed to avoid him so far! so please get on the phone and order some of these sleepers and pavers or im done for.

squeak again soon… i hope.

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