A Romantic Walk Through the Bark, Soil and Gravel….

CloverI was delighted yesterday when I came upon a ‘not so young’ couple wandering around near the barks and mulches looking at our product.

Being the cheeky person I am I loudly proclaimed “isn’t it wonderful to see a young couple holding hands having a look around!”

This obviously started a conversation and it turned out they were good old customers from way back and had been coming to the yard for as long as we had owned it. They were surprised just how clean and large the yard was compared to the olden days!

They came dressed in flat shoes ready to tip-toe through the mud, and were thrilled when they didn’t have too now that the yard is fully sealed and concreted, no mud to be seen! I love it when I meet long-time, friendly customers who all seem to know my face and can tell me stories I’ve long forgotten… One of the best things about owning and still being involved in a family operated business…

Terry O’Shea

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