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Garden Soil

Garden soil provides the literal ground of a beautiful garden you and the surrounding community can take pride in.

Whether you’re planning to help rejuvenate your lawn, start a vegetable garden, or plant trees for future generations a high calibre soil will nurture your project with the nutrients required.

Providing your plants with the premium garden soil they need is a must if they are to reach their maximum potential, so how do you know which soil to choose?

Centenary Landscaping Supplies is your one-stop-shop for all garden soil

We have a range of high quality garden soil for sale and the expertise to help you optimise your gardening projects. We provide expedient soil delivery Brisbane wide and welcome you to explore our full range of products online.

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Garden soils  are the foundation of your landscaped garden. The wrong soil can lead to many problems, including poor drainage and weed growth. At Centenary Landscaping Supplies, we offer the our UltraGrow Collection of garden and turf soils free from green waste for landscaped gardens. This collection is a science-based solutions that will last for years to come! Check out some of our  soil garden turf  options, improving soil improvers and top dressing. 

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Soil - Garden & Turf

Soil Improvers

You want to maximise the yields of your crops consistently which will require you to replace the essential nutrients in your soil that get lost over time.

Our line of soil improvers will help create a rich and lasting environment for your gardening projects. They will increase water holding capacity, reduce the amount of nutrients leached out of the soil, and provide nutritional benefits to your plants.

Top Dressing Soils

Our garden soil has been designed to provide your gardening project with the optimal potential for starting and sustained growth.

With our top dressing soils, you can rest assured you’ll be getting a superior product that will protect your environmental investment. This is a garden soil Brisbane growers trust as one of the finest soil-based top dressings available.

Turf Soil

Having a lush and vibrant lawn requires high-quality turf soil in order to see the best results and optimise your hard work. We offer two types of turf garden soil for sale, our UltraGrow special blend as well as a traditionally manufactured soil, and both will provide amazing plant growth while providing your project with the best start imaginable. Our top soil will help retain nutrients, improves drainage, and is hearty enough for use as an under and over turf. With efficient soil delivery Brisbane wide, we can get your order out in 24-48 hours depending on the time of order.

Bagged Soil

Keep your potted plants, green wall, as well as other indoor and outdoor plants vibrant and robust with our range of bagged soil. Our UltraGrow Black Label garden soil is designed to provide nutrients to your plants for up to 16 months and uses organic wetting agents to improve over time. Use our Cacti and Succulent potting mix as a general mix for your indoor and outdoor plants, it will feed and maintain your plants for up to 9 months and won’t slump or leach.

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Nutrient Rich Soils & Potting Mixes

Our UltraGrow collection is one-of-a-kind and garden soil Brisbane horticulturists rely on due to its complete absence of liquid and green-waste. UltraGrow is a unique garden soil for sale only by Centenary Landscaping Supplies and provides you with a soil distinct in quality and performance.

Garden Turf

In addition to our quality garden turf soil, we also stock some of the finest turf for sale in the Brisbane area. We stock 5 high-value fresh cut turf and 3 exceptional synthetic turf varieties that are easy to maintain, feel amazing, and look fantastic. We welcome everyone to stop in to see our display yard at 26 Sumners Road, Darra to experience first-hand the quality of our turf.

Looking to Buy Soil Online?

Centenary Landscaping Supplies is always happy to help give advice about garden soil and other landscaping projects. Browse the full range of products available on our website and explore the suggested projects for a creative spark to your gardening plans. In-person visits are always welcome at our Darra store at 26 Sumners Road or call us on (07) 3373 4999 with questions or other enquiries.

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