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Garden Edging – Restrained by Style

Keeping your garden in place, your pebbles in situ or your lawn confined is an important and often overlooked aspect of garden design. Your garden edging can be simple or plain like those mentioned in our previous blog or they in fact can be a feature in themselves. An integral part of the overall design.

A simple approach would be that good and effective garden edging does its job without being noticed or taking away from other aspects of the design, such as your pebble ground cover, sweeping curved garden beds or specially selected plantings.

Polished Tiger Stripe Pebble

Link Edge separating pebbles and turf

A great option to achieve just this would be to use a product like Link Edge. Link Edge is a fantastic garden edging product manufactured in Australia from flexible aluminium and is supplied with a range of accessories to make any installations simple and easy. The beauty of Link Edge is its ability to become invisible and sit flush with your finished surfaces. It provides a clean, modern and sleek garden edging line which allows for the garden, ground cover or overall design to be the feature.

A slightly more visible option would be a brick or paver edge. These can be inconspicuous through the use of subtle colours and sizes, or become part of the overall design by using complementary coloured pavers to a patio, render or roof. This option is as simple and cementing or mortaring in a line of pavers either end on end or side by side to create a physical separation between the two areas. The result is a strong, permanent and flush-finished barrier. A slightly more laborious option, but with the colour choice available in pavers and bricks this can really tie your garden design together. A charcoal brick paver such as the Adbri Haven Brick is the perfect choice, and might tie perfectly with a charcoal gutter or fascia and perhaps complement an off-white paving scheme on your patio. With so many colours to choose from in the paving range you will be sure to find the right scheme for your home.

Golden Cypress Mulch

Cypress Mulch With Sandstone Edging

One of our most popular garden edging choices is sandstone. Sandstone garden edging makes for a great boundary for your garden with its substantial proportions and beautiful natural colour and tonal variations. Australian sandstone is some of the most beautiful in the world and when used in the garden can really complement the natural landscape. These blocks can simply be installed directly on some bedding sand without the need for any fixing or cement. Your garden and grass should keep them in place. That being said, you may prefer a more solid finish and with some mortar and grout, these certainly will last a lifetime.

If your garden design is of a more rustic flavour, using larger rock such as River Rock, Sandstone Boulders, Bush Rock or even Granite Rock may be more your style. A quick and easy edge that requires minimal fuss, no cement or mortar and gives a very natural finish. Bare in mind, this rock can be heavy, so you may need a bit of man or woman power to get them into place! This option is great for a bush style garden, where you may want a more natural finish to tie in with the surrounding landscape. It can also be quite cost effective.

Adbri Borderstone

Adbri Borderstone Blocks used as garden edging

Lastly, many of the masonry manufacturers such as National, Adbri and Austral all produce smaller version of their larger blocks especially designed for garden edging or low garden beds. These can be a great option particularly if you already have a larger retaining wall installed and wish to tie your edging into the scheme. Products such as the Adbri Borderstone and Austral Bribie Edge are perfect as their colour range will match in with their larger retaining blocks and in some cases their paving range. Don’t forget, there is really no limitation when it comes to garden edging, and if you wish you can use these larger retaining wall blocks for garden edging also. Keep in mind, some blocks like the Austral Heron and Adbri Versawall will need a capping unit to finish the wall neatly, so factor that into your equations.

Once again, it is important not to forget that garden edging is not bound by rules. Anything you like that fits the shape, line and design is suitable for edging. Just remember, there is often a lot a moisture in the ground and around garden beds, so it is especially important that whatever your garden edging choice, it will stand up to the harsh, wet and often baking hot environment of the garden!

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