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Filling and compacting products refer to bulk material used for filling holes or underneath new concrete or paving. These product are usually not used as a finished surface, but in some cases modified compaction materials can be successfully used for driveways and pathways. Modification means the addition of cement powder to make the finished surface more durable. See below for stabilised materials.

Whatever mesh do I need? 

  • Paving for a Patio, Garden Shed or Pathway – standard Ute Mesh 62 is generally sufficient
  • Applications For Domestic Vehicle Traffic – Ute Mesh 62 (a higher grade mesh may be required depending on the traffic. Engineering advice might be required before proceeding.)
  • Crossovers: Usually 7mm (RF72)
  • House Slabs: 7mm or 8mm. (RF72 or RF82)
  • Slabs For Water Tanks: Usually 6 or 7mm (Ute Mesh 62 or RF72)

The codes used to distinguish reinforcing mesh refer to the Australian Standards.  The first number refers to the diameter of the steel (5, 6, 7 & 8 all refer to mm). The second number (2) refers to the grid size, in this case 2 is 200mm or 20 cm. So Ute Mesh 62 features 6mm bar in a 200mm square grid.

Crusher dust | featured image for filling and compacting materials.

Crusher Dust

Crusher Dust is a a finely graded crushed blue stone similar to Roadbase. It can be compacted firm and used as a sub-base for a variety of applications. 

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Decomposed granite | featured image for filling and compacting materials.

Decomposed Granite

Decomposed granite is finey crushed and a compactible type yellow/golden granite. Commonly used in areas where a firm surface is required but left exposed like driveways or pathways.

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Close up image of recycled road base | featured image for filling and compacting materials.

Recycled Roadbase

Recycled Roadbase is typically a crushed concrete screened and graded to include aggregate ranging from fines through to 20mm. 

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Close up image of roadbase | featured image for filling and compacting materials.


Roadbase is a crushed blue stone made up of fines through to a 20mm aggregate. Provides a solid base perfect for filling or under pavers or footings. 

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