What are Second’s?

Centenary Landscaping Supplies is your first choice for seconds!

So just what are seconds and what makes a paver, block or pot a second? Well the term second is used throughout the landscape supply industry to refer to a product that just doesn’t make the cut as a first! Now this could be for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to batch variations in colour or texture, strength, quality and age.

Although not quite the same, the term seconds often collectively refers to a number of products including Commercial’s, Run of Kiln (ROK’s), Trials, Factory Mark Down’s and Old or Overstocked items marked for clearance and because of this there may be a variety of reasons why a product has ended up in the Centenary Outlet yard.


Our bargain hunters are always on the lookout for great products and deals that we can source and pass on to our customers. From time to time we will come across a product, line, colour or style that’s just so amazing we have to nab it! In many of these cases, products are of a first quality, we’ve just bought lots so we can pass the bulk savings onto you!

An example of an Exclusive product is the Centenary Link Wall Block. Centenary Landscaping Supplies manufacture this block to their own specification which means you can only buy it from us! And to make it an even more amazing offer, it’s the best value link wall block in Brisbane!


When a product has a true Seconds grading that is because of a defect of some description affecting the product, batch, pallet etc. Generally seconds are products pulled from the production line at time of manufacture as a defect of some type has been identified. This can range from minor colour discrepancy (from expected or a standard product line), size & dimensions, burning (in the case of fired clay), strength, chips, cracks and scratches just to name a few.

Centenary Outlet recommend viewing all seconds products in person before purchasing and it is suggested that 10% extra be factored into the job when using seconds blocks and pavers. This will account for breakage which is typically 5% higher in seconds than in firsts.


Commercial graded products are usually of a higher quality than a second and are seen less and less these days. The term comes from the concept that in larger commercial projects where thousands or metres of pavers and walling products are used product quality and finish are not as important as in the smaller high visibility residential jobs. This allowed manufactures to produce products faster and cheaper and quite often there was product left for the retail market. They usually come packed on pallets without the addition of core-flute of polystyrene for protection which means occasionally there are small chip and rubbing marks. Sometimes Commercial products are kept packed, wrapped and stored for an extended period and this can also mean efflorescence is present.

Typically commercial’s are a unique colour and texture not matching the standard product line from a manufacturer and need to be cleared. If your purchasing commercial’s you can expect high quality, unique pavers at a great price!


An ROK or Run of Kiln is a term used in the clay paving manufacturing industry and it quite simply means a batch of sacrificial pavers are sent through the kiln and baked first for a test. They may have been a mixed batch, or the first few pallets of a new batch. If the settings on the batch weren’t quite right, or the kiln too hot there can be burning or colour variation.

As they are treated as a second after firing there may also be small amounts of chipping and cracking due to less care taken in handing.


Similar to an ROK, trials are just that. A trial run through a kiln, a new sand or aggregate test, a new colour proposal or size that hasn’t quite made the open market. Trial’s are usually of a high quality and can often be quite unique in size, colour or texture. You may be buying something no one else has, or ever will have!

As they are treated as a second after manufacture there can sometimes be small amounts of chipping and cracking due to less care taken in handing and packaging.

Old Stock, Overstocked & Factory Markdowns

Sometimes manufacturers just need to clear the factory!

Old stock, overstocked and factory marked down items are usually first graded or commercial products that just need to go. They may have been sitting in a stock yard or a warehouse since last season, last year or even last century. The 90’s are back don’t forget! This gear is usually in great condition, it just might be a little dusty or dirty but cleans up a treat. As the have usually been kept packed, wrapped and stored for an extended period there occasionally may be efflorescence present.


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