Garden Edging – The Straight & Narrow

Garden edging is a fundamental part of any landscape design and is often over looked or an after thought. We spend hours selecting our patio or pathway pavers, weeks deciding on what retaining wall will best suit the space, hundreds of dollars on mulch and pebble to cover the gardens yet only a couple of moments deciding on what will keep everything in place!

Customers will often ask “what is your very best garden edge?!” and well the answer to this is simply anything you want! The sky is the limit when it comes to garden edging and you do not have to be bound by what is marketed for the purpose. Over the next couple of blog posts we will give you some ideas to get you started!

Here at Centenary Landscaping Supplies, we have many options to suit all applications, but remember don’t be bound by convention and you will be sure to find the perfect garden edging product for your design.

On the top of the list is simply timber. Many will tend to steer clear of this option, perhaps unnecessarily. A common misconception is that all timber when put in the garden will rot; and this may be the case if the incorrect timber is used. When selecting your timber ensure you choose a treated product (CCA is the most common and highest performing treatment method). Framing timber, or rougher header is not recommended due to the treatment being of a lower grade (only for above ground use) likewise fencing timber, such as fence paling and rails, are generally only treated in this same manner.

We recommend our Treated Pine Garden Edging when it comes to timber suitable for in ground use throughout the garden. Pine is a simple edge and a cost effective option, perfect for when a feature is not required in your garden edging. Use hardwood stakes to keep it all in place and you will have a solid edge for years to come.

If you are looking for something a little more sturdy, you can always use Treated Hardwood or Pine Sleepers. Once again CCA is the most commonly used treatment method, but you can also pick up the ACQ Treated variety for those concerned. Sleepers are great for a more solid and substantial garden edging option and a great new product on the market is the Retain-iT products. These add a whole new dimension and affordability to both edging and sleeper walls. The Retain-iT range includes a great “Ground Spike” option for 1 sleeper high edges.

A simple, non-timber  garden edging option would be Precast Concrete. Similar to the curbing products that can be formed onsite by heavy machinery, the precast variety is a simple, clean and speedy option to get your gardens edged without the hassle of machinery and tradesmen onsite. Available in a range of standard lengths, both round and square corners and curves you will be able to edge all sorts of odd shaped gardens with ease.

Now with the standard options out of the way, it is time to discuss a few more designer choices. Keep an eye out for a new article coming soon.

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